‘Ghosts’ star Danielle Pinnock presents her character’s death (Exclusive)

On Thursday night, fans had another happy, nourishing dose of Ghosts on CBS. But it’s the ending of the episode that makes audiences really wonder what’s coming next for the ghost of the Alberta house after obsessive fan Todd (Rodrigo Fernandez) finds out from the investigation. his own while staying at Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) who were building a B&B. The 1920s jazz singer was poisoned. Shoot to the core about revelation which had previously stated that the flapper girl had suffered a heart attack although she was reticent about the initial cause of death, the actress Danielle Pinnock exclusively told PopCulture.com although she’s uncertain about what lies ahead for Alberta or if finding out the aidunit will shut her down, she’s optimistic about the direction her character is headed.

“Honestly, we won’t know until we get those scripts,” Pinnock to PopCulture adds from what she knows about her character Alberta, it may not be that simple. “I don’t know if she’s going to be shut down. I think she wanted to go deeper into things like, ‘Well, why is this person doing this? And what’s going on?’ And I think what’s really great about this show is that now these ghosts, they have access to the living, and they can actually record and figure out exactly what happened around them. around their death.”

Pinnock adds that even with characters like Trevor of Wall Street (Asher Grodman) not wearing pants, the biggest question is why. “It’s great when [the house ghosts] kind have one second chance in life with Sam and Jay. It’s been a great show and premise and I’m excited to let people know a little bit more about Alberta, and the rest of the season to see what else she’s up to because she’s got a few things up her sleeve. Another is happening, too.”

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In the ninth episode of the freshman season, “Fans of Alberta,” Todd, complete with a tattoo of the back of Alberta, drinks from her old bottle of moonshine only to discover it’s poisonous. and take him straight to the hospital – an incident Sam and Jay were worried about after serving him expired chicken. While at the hospital, Todd mentioned the bed and breakfast most positively in a local news interview and spark an online conversation about Alberta and her murder, prompting continued interest in the social network of the legendary singer. With the news going viral, Alberta’s faith in Todd is renewed and leaves room for more stories, a moment Pinnock says creates a heartwarming conclusion. “I have to say the ending when Alberta finally got a small piece – she got a bit of a settlement, she made her family proud.”

Pinnock praised her co-star Fernandez, saying he was an “absolute joy” to work with, even if his on-screen character was terrifying. “The great thing with Rodrigo was that he actually got that part, it was another actor who got cast in the part and then they couldn’t do the project. So 24 hours before we shot the scene where they called Rodrigo, and he learned that whole episode in one day and we ran with him on set, and I just thought he was absolutely amazing. and that stuff,” she said, followed by a joyful “Oh my God!” screaming. The “toes and things” that Pinnock refers to lies in the fact that Todd, with all his obsession and love for Alberta, actually left part of her toenail in a jar. Not to mention, the museum honoring the great Alberta Haynes is also located in his mother’s garage.

Continuing to praise Fernandez, Pinnock went on to share that she’s also most excited about the show’s writing room, especially with Lauren Bridges’ talent. “Lauren is the only African American writer in the writer’s room and she’s amazing, and her mind has even gone into this direction on how to get a little bit of plot for Alberta just floor for me,” she said. “I think she’s an absolute genius and I’m so excited that people are finally getting to see what she’s written for this. And obviously, Joe Port and Joe Wiseman are our hosts, opened this volume and all the others along. I can’t wait for people to see this and see Rodrigo shine, because he’s amazing. “

Acknowledging how “really strong” Alberta has been in supporting her co-stars and their backstory, she’s really proud to see everything come together for her in “Fans of Alberta,” Now streaming on Paramount +. “[It] finally felt that her fame was well deserved, and I’m really, really excited for people to watch this episode and let them know a little bit more about her,” she said. She has these amazing pads and these zingers. But I’m really excited that we’re now able to peel the onions funky back in Alberta and get to the core of this episode and I can’t wait to see what people think of it. “

Sharing about some of her favorite moments in the episode when Todd took off his shirt to reveal the tattoo on his back, Pinnock said that moment made her laugh in every shot. “I was just getting hysterical. And I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ Absolute hysteria all the time,” she added way another moment she loves backstage is when her characters Alberta, Thorfinn (Devan Long) and Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) are walking in the grounds of Woodstone Mansion with Sam (McIver). “Rebecca and I follow our heels, in our period costume heels, so we’re walking through the mantle – I wish they had a behind-the-scenes look at that because we’re trying to be like, ‘We’re consistent, we’re making steps.’ But that overlay took us down. So that’s probably also one of my favorite scenes.”

With the cast getting along like a family, Pinnock says that one of the biggest challenges she and the entire cast have to contend with is having people just laugh in the middle of a scene. “They’re funny. I mean, everyone’s in for their A-game. And I tend to be the character-breaker on set because it’s so funny,” she added. a movie that was “super-comfortable” to the audience, hence everyone loved it so much and the viewership broke records as a freshman film. “I think it’s just an excellent show. It’s fun for the whole family. It’s just so funny. I love the response we’ve received. I mean, we’re on average about seven. .2 million viewers a week, that’s pure madness. So the proof is in the pudding, and I hope that people can watch it and laugh, and just download it. a fun show.”

Ghosts airs at 9 p.m. ET Thursday on CBS and will be available to stream and on-demand on Paramount+. Those who want to see all Paramount+ has to offer can click here for free streaming offer.

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