Game Breaking the teleport bug found in CS:GO, Found all faulty spawn locations

An important new exploit has been discovered in CS:GO whereby players can teleport across a map before a round begins. The game-breaking bug allows the player to spawn in a fixed number of locations on all of the ball-breaking maps in the game.

Clips of some T and CT players appearing in random locations before the round started, started circulating on the community a few days ago. Obviously, there was a lot of curiosity and panic because most players didn’t know what was going on.

Players who abused this bug gained a huge advantage as they beat their opponents to certain goals, caught them spinning around, and passed on valuable information to their teammates early on. round.

Although the bug has not been fixed so far, but popular community and Youtuber 3kliksphilip’s provided valuable information regarding this mining.

A critical bug in CS:GO has been discovered that allows players to teleport around the map

CS:GO can never last too long if the player doesn’t find a bug or other bug that breaks the game to abuse. This time around, a method of spawn mining has been found that allows players to teleport to a fixed spawn point on the map, giving them a massive and unfair advantage over their opponents.

Many players have since posted clips of random players on their team spawning outside of a designated T or CT area, annoying the entire community and crashing the game.

Well, luckily there is a distinct and obvious way to detect when a player has abused this teleport bug. While you can’t stop an abuser from performing an exploit, simply knowing when a bug has been triggered acts as an early warning system.

How does a Teleport or Spawn Exploit Bug work?

While the information surrounding this exploit is limited or scarce, abusers often trigger it by disconnecting and reconnecting to the server while spamming a node, but not too many times, then automatically appear outside the authorized T and CT zones.

How to know when Bug Teleport or Spawn Exploit has been used?

Traitors spawning outside of an allowed area on the map will make a loud splashing sound, this audible indicator is an indication of a teleport bug or a successful spawn exploit. Every player on the map will hear this sound, helping them to warn them that CT or T players may be out of position.

According to 3kliksphilip, the bug is similar to a bug that some CS:GO trainers exploited a few years ago. This is because the players are teleporting to the same location that the coaches viewed the map.

All spawn locations on different maps where players abusing this exploit will spawn

Another thing about this teleport bug or spawn exploit is that players will spawn at a fixed location first on different maps every time they abuse it. So their movement outside the designated spawning area is constant and unchanged, which is a relief.

Here are the mining spawn points on the different decontamination maps,

  • Ancient: On T-Spawn but off the map.

  • Caching: Teleports to the wing spawn point, slightly before T-Spawn.

  • Dust 2: Teleport inside T-Spawn.

  • Inferno: Spawns in B-Site on top of a turret, but the player can get stuck too on top of a turret.

  • Mirage: Spawns a player at the top, in the middle of both sites.

  • Nuke: Spawns a player outside of the map, but they can still join the action from this location.

  • Overpass: Appears the player inside an invisible wall overlooking the connector between A and B.-Site.

  • Train: Spawns players deep in A-Site.

  • Vertigo: Spawns the player just outside the T-Spawn.

The community hopes that Valve will notice this issue at the earliest and resolve it as soon as possible, so that the most played CS:GO map, Mirage, can be queued up once again by the majority of players. without having to worry about it. mushroom extraction. Game Breaking the teleport bug found in CS:GO, Found all faulty spawn locations

Caroline Bleakley

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