From shy cats to a dog that refuses to go for a walk

HE has a duty to help our pets. . . and here to answer YOUR question.

Sean, the lead veterinarian at tailored pet food company, has been helping owners with inquiries for ten years. “If your pet is acting funny or because of the weather, or you want to know about nutrition or exercise, just ask,” he says. I can help keep pets happy and healthy.”

Sean is here to answer YOUR pet questions


Sean is here to answer YOUR pet questionsCredit: Alamy
Sean McCormack, chief veterinarian at, promises he can'keep pets happy and healthy'


Sean McCormack, chief veterinarian at, promises he can ‘keep pets happy and healthy’Credit: Doug Seeburg – The Sun

Q) A six-month-old short-haired kitten named PJ who loves me very much but my husband can’t get close to him to pet or caress him.

We’ve had PJ for about four months but he’s always running away from my husband Mick in the garden.

Is there anything Mick can do to improve this sad situation?

Sheila Blackmore, Chessington, Surrey

Sean says: Is your husband a dog person, by chance?

Without understanding the subtle differences between cats and dogs, they can be aggressive or overbearing to get attention – which is something most cats don’t enjoy.

Find out what the treatment of PJ is simply impossible to resist. Allowing the PJ to get close to him, using a lure toy or a laser pointer to get him to play at a distance first, can also help.

It’s all about building positive bonds, being super gentle and just petting or touching PJ when he initiates that contact.

Running after him in the garden to give him love will only chase him away. Great play, Mick!

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Q) OUR British bulldog Buster, whom we’ve had since he was a puppy, simply won’t go for a walk.

He’s almost five years old and always has been.

If we mention “walking”, he starts licking his lips then crawls back to his bed. We tried everything but we never tried to force him. Help me.

Steve Hurley, Bexley, Kent

Sean says: How is Buster’s breathing? British bulldogs can be predisposed to a condition called Boas (brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome).

It’s a long-winded way of saying their flat faces and the anatomy of their nose and throat means they struggle to breathe very well.

English Bulldogs may be prone to a condition known as Boas


English Bulldogs may be prone to a condition known as BoasCredit: Alamy

For some dogs, that can mean they are less tolerant of light exercise, and it can cause more anxiety than dogs with more natural faces.

As for Buster, I highly recommend having him examined by an experienced Boas vet.

Q) I am SO SORRY with a cat that was abandoned a few years ago. Her name is Donut and I love her.

I believe she is a person of her age. People say I couldn’t train her to love, but I did and she’s my baby.

Anyway, she eats twice as much as most cats and eats all day – so why is she still so tiny?

Adam Barnes, Maidstone, Kent



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Sean says: Well done giving her a home – she sounds like a sweet little kitty.
Like us, all cats are genetically different.

Some burn calories quickly and never gain excess weight, others gain weight with just a few leftovers. It’s all about metabolism, in most cases.

However, there are a few medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

An overactive thyroid gland is a common cause of extreme hunger and weight loss in cats middle-aged and older.

Liver or bowel problems can also present, so if you’re concerned, or if Donut is losing weight or seems unwell, a vet checkup and blood test could be a good place to go. begin. offers nutritional food specifically designed for pets

6 offers nutritional food specifically designed for pets


Billy the SIX macaw dog loves to go swimming in the ocean with owner Amanda Evans.

And since his fur is so soft, diving into the sea will help cool him down.

Billy loves to go swimming in the ocean with his owner Amanda Evans


Billy loves to go swimming in the ocean with his owner Amanda Evans

Amanda, 46, a children’s TV producer from Poole, Dorset, says that in addition to being adventurous, Billy was also always on the side, supporting her when she lost her mother to dementia in 2016.

She said: “Swimming is my passion so being able to share it with Billy is amazing.

“We can bond and he is patriotic.

“Billy was with my mother when she lost my father and really helped her when she was struggling with dementia.

“He lifted her up and supported me when my mother passed away. Billy was an absolute rock.”


CAT lovers thinking of welcoming a new feline friend this Christmas are being warned against shopping online as unscrupulous dealers are selling sick pets.

Samantha Webb, 32, of Truro, Cornwall, bought Franky after seeing him on Facebook.

Samantha Webb bought Franky after seeing him on Facebook


Samantha Webb bought Franky after seeing him on Facebook

She said: “I see playful kittens with captions that say ‘ten week old kittens ready to go, mom can be seen’.

“But I was given a weak and limp kitten that refused to open its eyes. I paid £30 to get him out and to the vet.

“She was four weeks old and had a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia from the virus her mother contracted during pregnancy.”

Cats Protection found 340,000 cats were purchased on the Internet in the last year, representing 68% of all cats purchased.

It’s now launching a campaign called Precious Eight Weeks – that’s the time kittens should be with their mothers – to correct the typo.

“Some online sellers are willing to put profits before welfare, and buyers have no doubt been left with a very guilty kitten,” said Madison Rogers, senior advocacy official. Karma.”

If you are thinking of buying a kitten, first see

I got fed up of looking at my cat’s ugly litter box so I turned it in for $50 using IKEA bargains and guests didn’t even know it was there

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