“Find a way” to save Ukraine and other comments


Ex-Russian: “Find a way” to save Ukraine

“We are witness, literally watching live” thunders Garry Kasparov on Twitter, “Putin is committing industrial-scale genocide in Ukraine while the most powerful military alliance in history stands by.” “No treaty prohibits NATO nations from fighting to defend Ukraine”; “It’s a choice.” And: “That’s World War III. Putin started this a long time ago and Ukraine is just the current front.” “It was too risky to stop [Putin]In 2014 I was still told: “Here we are, it’s raining bombs.” “There’s no waiting. This isn’t chess; there is no tie, no stalemate” because “the price of stopping a dictator always goes up. What would have been enough to stop Putin 8 years ago or 6 months or 2 weeks is not enough today and the price will rise again tomorrow. Struggle. Find a way.” Otherwise, the West is “not unable,” just “unwilling.”

Campus Beat: The Great College Breakdown

College enrollment is down 5.1% from pre-COVID levels, but it’s “not the disaster many are suggesting, as college isn’t the only — nor necessarily the best — way for young people to get into to prepare for a successful future in America”. argues Bruno V. Manno at The Hill. It would be best to “expand programs that offer young people many career paths”. Today’s “high schoolers no longer view college through the same rose-colored glasses that previous generations did,” while “many employers no longer use a college degree as a job entry requirement. Google, IBM, Apple and Bank of America have shifted from a qualifications-based to a skills-based hiring.” We need “multiple routes to jobs and careers that connect education, training and skills acquisition to the labor market”.

Neocon: Biden’s insulting inflation responses

“It was . . . reasonably to be expected that Joe Biden would come up with a plan to address inflation in the state of the Union, writes Noah Rothman of Commentary; “He didn’t.” Instead, he vowed to “arbitrarily cap the price of insulin at $35,” said taxpayer money should go to “‘Buy American,'” and insisted that “his already-existing legislative agenda” should ” inflationary pressures”. [it] already tightened”. He made a big deal out of releasing “60 million barrels of oil” from the world’s reserves, yet that’s “the equivalent of 18 hours” of the world’s oil consumption. So, “Voters who walked into the State of the Union address deeply concerned about inflation” left “even more concerned.” Biden “has no idea how to ease the pressure on American purses” and “doesn’t even seem inclined to try.”

From right: Joe’s energy denial

Biden’s speech skipped the “nation’s dire state and offered no course correction” Sean Collins of Spiked complains. On the war in Ukraine he “made no attempt . . . to tie this major world event to US domestic policy”: In particular, “Biden has not changed the course of his energy policies — even though those policies have restrained US energy production and led to increased oil imports from Russia.” Before the Ukraine war, those caused by Washington had Rising energy prices “already pushed up the cost of living for Americans” as Biden pursued “environmental goals at the expense of energy security and abundance.” And not even Russia’s war can shake its belief in “the green religion.”

Elex Clock: Zuck Bucks = ‘bribe’

A special counsel says, “Zuckerberg grant funds, which were directed solely to five Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin, violated the state election law’s anti-bribery statute.” reports Margot Cleveland of the Federalists. The report was not intended to “challenge confirmation of the presidential election,” but to secure future votes. But it did mark the Zuckerbergs’ donations, “which enabled the Center for Tech and Civic Life to offer nearly $9 million in ‘Zuck Bucks’ to Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay counties.” Then, “the ‘Zuckerberg 5,’ as the report called the counties, effectively fueled Democrat efforts to participate in the vote. That grant money then paid for illegal mailboxes to be placed in Democratic voting strongholds.”

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