FaZe Rain Interview: Stay Private, Go Public, and Return to YouTube

With FaZe Clan set to go public in 2022, we spoke to one of the organization’s owners who has remained relatively private this year: FaZe Rain. From the steps he’s quietly taken to his and the org’s future, here’s what he had to say.

Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat joined FaZe in September 2012, becoming just one of 10 co-owners and gaining more than 10 million followers in the process. Now, on its 10th anniversary with the organization, FaZe will go from the Super Bowl to Wall Street.

As the first member to post daily vlogs to YouTube, the past few years have been a departure from the norm for Rain. He hasn’t posted to YouTube since May 2021 and has been pretty quiet for his social media standards.

During this unprecedented time for his soon-to-be public company, we asked Rain where he has been, his perspective on FaZe’s growth, and what fans should expect for the future.

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Faze rain tip
Twitter, @FaZe_Rain

Until recently, FaZe fans were used to enjoying even the most intimate moments of Rain’s life.

First things first: yes, Rain wasn’t streaming, but he’s still playing. The former CoD Trickshotter enjoys “a lot of Warzone” and, despite not having a football background, stumbled into Madden by accident.

Concluding the trifecta, he’s also returned to Fortnite thanks to the no-building update.

As for the music, Rain is f**king with Yeat. And as for one FaZe member he’s proud of or most impressed with over the past year, “Apex. Always Apex.”

Faze Apex Faze Rain
Twitter, @FaZeClan

Few FaZe duos are as memorable as Apex and Rain.

However, the question on everyone’s mind is where FaZe Rain has been and what he’s been up to since his last video.

In response, Rain was frank: “Obviously I got hurt. I didn’t feel like doing YouTube videos and all that. It was mostly focused on my recovery, working on the backend of FaZe, more on the business side. Mainly backend stuff and a few of my other side businesses that I’ve been working on.”

Speaking to FaZe, they told us that Rain has an “integral role” in the orgs signing from DJ and producer Kaysan. Compared to its original content days, such backend operations might feel like a very different style of work.

Rain says the experience has been hectic but positive: “It’s good, it’s busy. Every department has its ups and downs, but overall it’s good and we all have very high hopes for FaZe, so we’re all working on that.”

The Growth of FaZe: IPO and Closing Circle

As previously mentioned, this is and will continue to be a massive year for FaZe. Looking back, a major highlight was Snoop Dogg surprising fans by wearing a FaZe chain during the Super Bowl LVI halftime show in February.

That moment was not lost on Rain, who called it “pretty crazy.”

The co-owner further noted that Snoop “only had his Death Row chain and FaZe chain on. To him, putting on a FaZe chain while showing his love for Death Row – which he just acquired – was obviously a big deal for FaZe Clan. And of course at the Super Bowl, one of the biggest stages in the world.”

Little did the public know at the time that Snoop’s necklace was a precursor to even bigger news: the 17-time Grammy-nominated artist Joined the board of FaZe.

On March 22nd, the org officially announced full retirement. When I wanted to inquire about another entertainment figure on the team, Rain interrupted, “Has to be Stephanie McMahon. That’s who you’re about to address, right?”

After successfully reading my mind, I confirmed that WWE’s McMahon was the next line of inquiry. Unlike Snoop, we had no idea she would be joining the organization, and apparently her joining means a lot to Rain.

“One of my biggest passions as a kid was WWE… The first job I ever wanted to do was wrestle for WWE. I loved it. To see that come full circle and I’m not really working with WWE like I imagined as a kid but still have someone like Stephanie McMahon on the board of FaZe Clan and maybe help us get into WWE In any way, shape or form, we can do something together, that’s honestly a dream come true for my childhood self.

Both me and Apex because we were both WWE fans at that level. Jeff Hardy all day.”

Jeff Hardy wwe
Wikimedia Commons

Regards Jeff Hardy, man.

Aside from being a coming full circle moment for Rain, the board announcement is also an important step in the history of FaZe. The co-owner described what this process of becoming a public company feels like for someone who has been in the org for so long.

“It obviously shows what we have done with FaZe and it shows that we are capable of doing something as big as going public. And it’s just a big moment for the entire gaming community. I hope that even people who might see us as competitors still realize how big this is just for the gaming community. Period.”

The return of FaZe Rain

As FaZe attempts to hit the NASDAQ, Rain now appears poised for a return to YouTube. When asked if he intends to start posting content again, he was quick to reply with the draw: “Absolutely.”

“As I get closer to my recovery, which is actually now, I’ll probably definitely do a video as an update video in the next few weeks and then just move on from there.

I honestly just lost my identity, I feel like not doing content and stuff like that. I’ve been doing this for half my life so I must continue to do this but in a more evolved way for what my life needs now.”

For someone who has been creating so much content for so long, walking away from this side of the business can feel alien. In a way, creating new space in one’s lifestyle can bring a new perspective to your identity, and Rain reflected on how this break with content has affected him.

“It’s just been an ebb and flow because it was such a big part of me as a person and sometimes I feel a little lost without it. So I kind of have to get back into it and find this new version of me with the old version of me and just mix them together.

faze rain faze adapt fans
YouTube, MoreRainAdapt

Since 2014, Rain, Adapt and the FaZe team have always maintained a close relationship with their fans.

Just as this hiatus from content affected Rain, it was certainly different for fans who were used to interacting with the content creator on a daily basis. Perhaps what’s been most heartwarming to see from its community over the last few years is how supportive they’ve been – regardless of the content schedule.

Finally, Rain shared a message with his fans.

“To be honest, I wanted to pour my heart out to them in my video. But of course they are…” As if catching a train of thought he’d like to save for another day, Rain paused for a moment, reconsidered, and continued.

“A lot of the people I thought were there in my life weren’t there for me during my toughest time over the past few years and just knowing that every single one of my fans was still there for me and always has been nor supported in a single day and still have it all behind me no matter what it looks like. It is only. It’s deeper than words can explain.

It was such a warm feeling and I’m just eternally grateful for my fans. Forever. For real.” FaZe Rain Interview: Stay Private, Go Public, and Return to YouTube

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