Eyelash extensions make a woman look like she fought Mike Tyson

It’s normal to want to look good on birthdays – so one woman treated herself to eyelash extensions to shine in her celebration photos.

But she was mortified when she woke up the next day looking like she’d done “ten rounds with Mike Tyson”.

Jessica Shannon, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, claims she suffered an allergic reaction which ruined her birthday and left her worried it had permanently damaged her eyes.

The 25-year-old opted for Russian lashes and loved how they looked after the initial treatment last year.

But two days later, after going out for her birthday, her eyelids were so swollen they were completely stuck together and sore, itchy and watery.

Jessica became scared when she “couldn’t see anything at all.”

She explained: “I had gone out for my birthday and my left eye was a little bloodshot but it wasn’t sore or itchy.

“I came home and went to bed and the next morning I woke up looking like I’d done ten laps with Mike Tyson.

Jessica Shannon
Jessica Shannon tried to keep her lashes on because they liked her look, but they were too painful.
Kennedy News and Media

“They were really sore and itchy which made me want to get out of bed to look in the mirror and my eyes were just extremely swollen. It was painful.

“From then on they were brimming with water and just itching dead.

“It ruined my birthday.

“They stuck for the next few days because they were so sticky that I woke up in the morning and my eyes were completely stuck together.”

Jessica Shannon
Jessica Shannon said her left eye was worse than her right eye.
Kennedy News & Media

The beauty lover had to bathe her eyes to make them open but still couldn’t see anything.

Jessica initially went to a pharmacy for the reaction, where she was given eye drops and antihistamines.

But that didn’t seem to work, Jessica added: “They got really pretty intense over the next few days.

“I got to a point where I literally couldn’t see anything at all.

“They were both closed and my eyes were really blurry. The only way I could explain it was like there was a film over my eyes. It was scary.

“Both were bad, but my left eye in particular was much worse. It was so swollen that I couldn’t open it at all.

“The thing that went through my mind the most was that because of the fact that I couldn’t see, I was concerned that I had done some sort of damage to my actual vision.

“That was one of the main reasons, along with the pain, that prompted me to go to the emergency room just to check I wasn’t going to end up with permanent damage to my actual eyes.

The former caregiver rushed to A&E days after her birthday party, where she was told she had corneal abrasions and was given antibiotic eye ointment.

Jessica said it took a full week for her eyes to fully return to normal and she hopes to raise awareness of the “severe” and “painful” reaction eyelash glue can cause.

Still, Jessica tried to keep the lashes on as she loved the look and paid $59 for it.

But the pain was too much and she eventually got them removed for free, which Jess said was a painful experience in itself.

Jessica Shannon
Jessica Shannon said it took her eyes over a week to heal.
Kennedy News and Media

“It took her a good hour and a half to take them off because my eyes were constantly watering and my lashes had become rock hard and were clumping together.

“She had to go through each individual lash to separate them to remove the glue to detach them.

“It was a relief when they were completely off, but when it did it was really quite painful because my eyes were so watery the glue was extremely hard on my lashes.

“I lay there and cried like a big baby.”

After they were removed, Jessica is doing much better and she said, “The top of my eyelids are really dry and it’s still very itchy but other than that I have sight again and can now fully open my eyes.”

Jessica Shannon
Jessica Shannon says she’d like to have her lashes done again if it’s possible.
Kennedy News and Media

However, the traumatic experience didn’t entirely stop her from getting her lashes done again.

Jessica admits, “I’d love to get my lashes done again, but I don’t know if that’s possible or not.

“Some people I’ve heard of have had reactions to glue in the past and a few months later they can wear lashes with no problem, but for other people it’s a long time and they just can’t get extensions.” wear.”

This story originally appeared on The sun and is reproduced here with permission. Eyelash extensions make a woman look like she fought Mike Tyson


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