Ex-chef warns of dangerous cooking tricks you need to stop doing

With nearly 700 million active users, TikTok has become the home of many hack videos – from beauty to cleaning, there seems to be a solution to almost everything.

But while some of these are harmless, a former chef has issued a warning, warning users to be careful when stumbling across crafty videos.

This can set your stove on fire, he explains


This can set your stove on fire, he explainsCredit: TikTok

“All of this is false and fundamentally dangerous,” declared Petethe person’s TikTok reaction video has attracted more than 400k followers.

“Does anyone seriously think about these things seriously for ONE second,” the former chef, from California, wonders.

Some of these viral attacks were created by Isabella Avila, a social media rep, who has 17 million followers.


Although her hacks have taken the internet by storm, Pete believes these hacks are risky.

One of the most dangerous things, he says, is flipping the pan, not the food it’s cooking.

”If you do this to your pan, all the oil will shoot into your burners and catch fire” he explains.

Another hack he considers dangerous involves opening boxes.

In Isabelle’s video, which has 5.7 million likes, she suggests swapping the traditional method of setting it aside with laying it flat on top.

”Why do so many people have trouble opening cans? ”

The former chef says this trick will only dull the blade and eventually cause it to break.

” All you need to do is put a little bit here, tilt it up.

Pete continues to demonstrate.

Isabelle also recently gained popularity with another cooking trick – place a wooden spoon over boiling water to prevent it from melting.

She said: ”This works because wood is hydrophobic, which means it can’t absorb water and instead it just punctures the surface tension of the bubble. ”

Although Pete admits this isn’t inherently dangerous, there is another way to stop the water from overflowing.

” All you really have to do is get a basin of water and turn the temperature down a bit. ”

One person described Isabelle: ”Jayus likes to spread misinformation, it’s all their information.

“I know most of these ‘cooking hacks’ are dangerous because I have lived experience 🙄”, another agreed.

However, there are also some people who have tried the hack and gave positive reviews, like this person: ” The way the girl opens the can has btw the blade is cleaner and easier to use… try it first before your friends. discuss it!! ”

“I mean I think the pan is when you’re heating something like a tortilla or something else not for wilting,” another user added.

“You can’t stop me from using a wooden spoon,” commented another reader.

Meanwhile, you’ve cleaned your greasy pans all wrong – here’s how to make them spotless with almost no scrubbing.

Also, you defrost frozen food completely wrong – my simple trick will defrost it faster and that’s it. all about containers.

In addition, cooking shows how to stack two pizzas on the same shelf in the oven to make sure they’re always ready at the same time.

Pete believes that the TikTok star likes to spread misinformation


Pete believes that the TikTok star likes to spread misinformationCredit: TikTok
Although he claims this will dull the blades, some viewers claim this is the only way to use a can opener


Although he claims this will dull the blades, some viewers claim this is the only way to use a can openerCredit: TikTok
I used to wake up at 4am every night – the frozen bean hack changed my life

https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/food/17465917/tiktok-cooking-hack-chef-dangerous/ Ex-chef warns of dangerous cooking tricks you need to stop doing

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