Even a member of the gang thinks Dem-Run LA has become a lawless, anarchic hellscape

Cash Jones, better known by the alias “Wack 100,” is the CEO of a hip-hop label in Los Angeles and manages rappers like “Blue Face” and “The Game.” He also boasts links to the Blood gang in California.

But even Jones has spoken out about violence in Los Angeles that eventually convinced him to actually leave.

Colon Noir, an American gun rights activist, lawyer, and host of the web series NOIR, played in one of his episodes on YouTube audio from Jones explaining how bad LA has become.

“When a famous street guy and member of the Bloods gang starts saying he’s never seen anything like this before, you might want to wake up and start paying attention.” Noir said.


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Jones explains violence and crime he had seen in LA like nothing he had seen before. Too bad he left the West Coast.

“I’ll be honest, I’m not coming here right now, man. Because if you don’t know what’s going on and how to move, you’ll move on. They look for victims to rob, people with jewelry, women with bags,” Jones said. “It’s not safe here right now, man, nowhere.”

For part of December 4th, LA time Recorded crimes have become more brazen and violence across the city is skyrocketing.

“What is more worrying is violent crime. The number of homicides increased by 46.7% compared to 2019, while shooting victims increased by 51.4%, according to police figures. As of the end of November, there have been 359 homicides in LA in 2021, compared with 355 for the whole of 2020. There have been no more murders in a year since 2008, ending with 384,” the report said. Times reported.

Is Los Angeles a safe place to live?

Besides violent crimes, “smash and grab” thefts have spread throughout the city. And the rich and famous neighborhoods are no exception.

“I have never been in these conditions. Everyone is on alert, everyone is paranoid. People are watching where they are going. One thing about it, they don’t discriminate. They go up here in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, they’ll go over there, no matter what,” Jones said. “From now until Christmas Eve, Rodeo Drive will be very dangerous.”

Now, even the traditionally rich and famous anti-gun, are starting to equip themselves inside their mansions.

“I have always been anti-gun. But now I’m in the process of learning to shoot because I now understand that it may be necessary to know how to protect myself and my family. We are living in fear,” Debbie Mizrahie of Beverly Hills told New York Post.

“It has gotten to the point where people feel unsafe even walking from the door of their car. A lot of residents are applying for a concealed weapon permit, even though that’s a huge challenge in LA County,” said another resident, Shirley Reitman.


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Jones points out that one of the big problems is that the police are going missing, which means they’re not responding quickly to criminals, and people are taking advantage of this.

“By that point even the police department realized by the time they reacted and got there, it was too late,” Jones said.

Jones said he has a relative in executive who told him that police staffing around LA has been cut by up to 30 percent. This means special units are being cut and officer benefits are being stripped. The result, Jones said, is that police are either not motivated or able to deal with crime effectively.

“So they… were like,” We would answer as if we had to. We were in no rush to get there. ‘ And the street knows it,” Jones said.

On top of that, with so many robberies, moderators say police wouldn’t even try to catch everyone if the crime wasn’t so expensive.

“Now they have this, like, anything under $1,000, they don’t even come to take you to the constituency. You know what I’m saying? So a lot of these rules, these laws, they’re pretty laid back,” Jones said.

But even from a gang affiliation perspective, Jones says he’s never seen much random crime going on.

“This is just random, everywhere. Like 30 little fires happening all the time,” Jones said.

Jones explains that usually, even for gangs, there are only certain places you don’t touch, and at least you try to keep a low profile when committing crimes.

But now everything is in daylight. It’s different.”

Obviously LA is getting worse for a while, but now a popular gang branch has finally had enough. So, if the spike in murders and the skyrocketing robbery rate in LA has nothing to do with the people, then Jones’ decision to leave the city is the right one.

“I am going out. I’m out, buddy. I’m gone,” Jones said. “I’m going back to the East Coast, I’m out.”

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