Elderly man turns to wife to say last words of love: ‘I Love You Shirley’

A dying grandfather remained unresponsive and lost the ability to speak for a year. But a week before he died, he called his wife and said strangely, “I love you, Shirley.”

Redditor Animal_Dr19Their grandparents have been together since their 20s. They never cease to love and depend on each other emotionally. For years, they cherish their love until tragedy strikes in their grandfather’s life.

At the age of 77, he lost the ability to move and talk. He becomes unresponsive to his surroundings and becomes dependent on even basic needs. His soul was trapped in his body, waiting for one last chance to talk to his family.

OP’s grandfather in his last days | Photo: Shutterstock

It was a challenging time for everyone, especially the Grandmother of the Original Poster (OP), who felt she had to indulge her husband. OP explain:

“My nanny became his sole caretaker… She would bathe him, feed him and do whatever else he needed.”

She had promised to stay by his side until he breathed his last. The couple slept in the same bed and didn’t want to change even though their grandfather was sick.

OP’s paternal grandparents share a bed despite his illness | Photo: Pexels

For almost a year now, the grandmother has gotten used to taking care of her husband. One day, she started to go back to her usual routine when something strange made her feel normal. The Redditor to add:

“My nanny still does her usual habit of reading the newspaper to my grandfather because that is his favorite thing when he can read. Somehow, once, my spokes were crossed with a strange feeling. ”

Grandma was confused and didn’t know what to imagine. A few minutes later, she could hear her husband speaking. It’s unnatural that he hasn’t spoken in over a year.

Mrs. OP gets emotional after listening to her husband talk | Photo: Unsplash

“He turned his head, looked at her and said, “I love you, Shirley,” “OP ..” report. The grandmother was shocked and delighted to hear him say this and exclaimed: “Ken? Ken? What do you say?”

The OP then said that he was glad his grandmother heard from his grandfather for the last time.

OP’s grandfather didn’t say another word. The days get harder when he refuses to eat. After a week of struggle, he passed away in his favorite armchair. However, the family found his final moments, especially his ability to recognize his wife, odd considering his diagnosis.

OP’s grandfather passed away | Photo: Pexels

The old man was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and then Alzheimer’s disease four years before his death. Because of this, he lost the ability to recognize his family in the last year. So it was considered a miracle that he acknowledged his wife and talked to her. After reading his post, several users shared similar touching experiences.

Redditor cake‘She was diagnosed with dementia. She is unable to recognize her adult children and loses touch with the real world. However, she miraculously spoke to the Redditor’s mother before she passed away. detail teller, speech:

“The night she died in the hospital, my mother was there. My grandmother turned immediately to my mother, who was very upset, said her name and said very clearly with her eyes, “I will be fine.” She died shortly after.”

People share their similar experiences with OP | Photo: Pexels

User Sadboy1101 commented with a similar experience. His grandmother has amnesia and cannot recognize her family. However, the day before her death, she remembered it all. Others in the series, including the OP himself, were left stunned by these miraculous incidents.

Redditor rowwboat_ reply to OP’s story saying grandpa’s soul would probably be stronger than what he didn’t have. “I’m so glad they were able to have that moment before he passed away,” this person to add.

OP later declare that he was glad his grandmother heard from his grandfather for the last time and wondered if that was their way of saying goodbye. He believes that their love is stronger than physical impotence.

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