Ducky Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson reveals she has ‘flurona’ and rats are ‘invading her house’

DUCK Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson opened up about her horror start to the year just months after battling Covid while pregnant.

Sadie, 24, revealed that not only did she contract “flurona” – a combination of flu and Covid – but the rats also ‘invaded’ her home with her husband, Christian Huff.

Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson caught'flurona' and let rats invade her house


Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson caught ‘flurona’ and let rats invade her houseCredit: Getty

An Instagram post features a video of her entering a store, showing Christian holding their 8-month-old daughter, Honey James.

The father mumbled kissing the baby as he waved to his mother through the window.

Sadie explained that the young family had come to Atlanta to speak at a religious conference, but she had to give a video sermon after falling ill.

Later, the family discovered rats had been found in their home and they could not return home.

“tbh earlier this year was quite interesting! We will be sharing more about that in our vlog soon”, Sadie began the post.

“It started with me getting FLuroNA (flu + covid) (yikes). Obviously I was sad to miss my passion but I’m so grateful to God for giving me the strength to still preach my message. in an empty room despite being seriously ill.

“My faith from that experience has grown a lot 🤯 His spirit really lives in us! Also, many thanks for the videoconference!”

Sdie added: “Then when we were on our way home from ATL, we got a call that we had a couple of rats infiltrating our house and those little guys were doing some work. So we can’t go home.

“It was day 4 when we couldn’t get them out of our house. It was disgusting🙃 and we were exhausted from the illness and had to get out of our homes.

“So we’re floating around trying to make the most of it. So lucky to be healthy now. God help us make it fun! Ps I’m sad to say that The hit movie is different now.”

Sadie’s flurona diagnosis came after the TV star was hospitalized with Covid while she was pregnant with Honey in 2020.

She then explained the symptoms that came after her husband passed it on to her: “I started out with a really bad headache.

“Like, a different type of headache than I’ve ever had – it’s like a migraine behind the eyes.

“Then I had a cough, my throat was red and hot. It was horrible.”

She also talked about experiencing brain fog, body aches, loss of taste and smell, very “vivid dreams” and not being able to sleep.

These symptoms prompted her to rush to the hospital to check on her baby because she was dehydrated from morning sickness, along with coronavirus symptoms.

“I was so weak and sick and hungover so much I was very dehydrated,” she said.

“At this point, when I was dehydrated, my chest pain was getting really bad. I couldn’t talk and my mom came in and said, ‘You need to go to the hospital.'”

Her loving mother agreed with Sadie and said, “I just remember you looking so pitiful and your voice so weak you couldn’t talk.”

Sadie, who married Christian in 2019, shared: “Life update: I’m not going to lie, this is one of the hardest.

“I got Covid-19 and ended up getting very sick. I know everyone experiences covid differently, but wow these symptoms are so wild.

“I’ve definitely struggled with this! Thankfully, baby Huff is doing great and is healthy, and I’m currently recovering as well.”

Sadie added that she is no longer in the hospital and has “just made a full recovery”, sharing that she has “learned a lot” and has been “challenged in so many new ways.”

The first case of flurona was detected in a young pregnant woman in Israel earlier this week.

The flu and Covid can both cause very serious illness, and experts have previously warned that you’re twice as likely to die from a double infection than with Covid alone.

While the two winter illnesses are not new, “flurona” has recently been coined to describe concurrent infection of both.

But you can get both, with booster shots for the best protection against Covid, which causes Omicron.

Sadie reveals their big news along with a video of husband Christian and daughter Honey playing together


Sadie reveals their big news along with a video of husband Christian and daughter Honey playing together
Sadie fights Covid while pregnant with Honey in 2020


Sadie fights Covid while pregnant with Honey in 2020Credit: Instagram
But she shot better and welcomed a newborn last May


But she shot better and welcomed a newborn last MayCredit: Instagrama @legitsadierob
Sadie Robertson shares pregnancy update with fans as her bump grows

https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/17259925/ducky-dynasty-sadie-robertson-flurona-rats-invading-home/ Ducky Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson reveals she has ‘flurona’ and rats are ‘invading her house’

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