“Dressing like a lesbian” is fashionably sexy for straight women

Lesbian honest queer fashion is totally in!

And from the elegant red carpet to the streets of the Big Apple, straight women are trading their 6-inch heels and rib-busting corsets for Dr. Martens boots and knit sweater vests.

But why does women’s fashion tend towards the stereotypical lesbian look? Because hot Hollywood babes like Kristen Stewart, 31, Bella Hadid, 25, Zendaya, 25, and Dakota Johnson, 32, have made anti-glam clothing “cool in the mainstream,” according to author Jill Gutowitz.

“Outfits that were once the domain of queer women became popular on red carpets and in street fashion,” said Gutowitz, 30, in a trending article for Harper’s Bazaar. “Seeing lesbian fashion going mainstream feels reassuring, like we were right all along,” she continued.

The Girls Can Kiss Now author — who in her article vowed to spruce up her wardrobe by adding more suits and baggy jeans to become “the most lesbian lesbian ever” — went on to celebrate Stewart for “Empowering Queer Visibility Through Her Causal Couture.

Gutowitz praises Stewart for sporty suits and loose-fitting shirts during her "spencer" press tour.
Gutowitz praised Stewart for sporty suiting and loose-fitting shirts during her “Spencer” press tour.
Amy Sussman

“Kristen Stewart’s ‘Spencer’ press tour, dressed in tweed jackets, wide-leg pants and two-piece skirt suits, was essentially an organized gay recruitment drive,” Gutowitz said. She also applauded Johnson for fearlessly rocking oversized suede jackets last fall and actresses Zendaya and Cate Blanchet, 52, for shamelessly killing in stylish suits.

Their “It” colleagues Hadid and Kendall Jenner, 26, also stunned with sapphic swag.

Earlier this year, Jenner stomped around New York City wearing a striped sleeveless knit, loose pants and mahogany loafers. Hadid wore a pair of dark culottes in Paris with a matching jacket, red tie and sunglasses.

“I dress like a little boy,” Hadid explained in a recent interview Fashion. “At this point in my life, you couldn’t voluntarily catch me in a dress. “I look outside and I see a hundred people dressed the same as me just because of what Instagram is.”

And the “dress like a lesbian” trend has caught on to straight women on TikTok as well. But for the non-celebrity girls, hoodies and loose-fitting sweatshirts seem to be the clothing choices rather than high-end suits and boots.

Hadid wowed in sapphic fashion during her recent trip to Paris.
Hadid wowed in sapphic fashion during her recent trip to Paris.
Markus Piasecki

“Why do I wear men’s clothes and look like this all the time?” said TikToker @Bodmonzaid in response to a colorless comment that read, “Why do you dress like a lesbian?”

The social media star, while wearing a baggy tracksuit, further responded to her clothing critic, cheekily saying: “If I hit you on, just say so. It’s okay to like girls. And if I wore tight, form-fitting clothes, I’m sure you’d have something to say about that, too.”

TikTok user @Emma_Thornblad also shared a video post dedicated to her favorite casual outfit.

“I think about how I got mine [boyfriend] in my ‘dress like one [masculine] lesbian & getting hit by every women’s era,” she wrote in the caption of the clip, which showed off her sporty gray sweatshirts and plaid shirt.

But while the lesbian chic craze is getting mass praise, Gutowitz said she’s “angered” by the admiration straight women are receiving for adopting the style that gay women were once condemned for.

“While I’m glad that lesbian fashion is so popular today, part of me is also upset,” she wrote in Harper’s. “Androgynous looks that lesbians were once shamed for, that were once visual signatures in our own community, are now a staple at Urban Outfitters.”

Emma Watson also rocked a lesbian look at a posh party this year.
Emma Watson also rocked a lesbian look at a posh party this year.
David M Benett

Notwithstanding her bitterness, Gutowitz said, “It brings me great joy to see women across the board prioritize comfort and efficiency over dictatorial, gender-segregated fashion traditions.”

She predicted this summer’s hottest fashion must-haves will include: a baggy black t-shirt to wear to the pool and croakies – sunglasses with a necklace. And Gutowitz said this fall the famous accessory will be: “A very small wallet on a chain with just three pockets for a driver’s license, a credit card, and an insurance card.” “Dressing like a lesbian” is fashionably sexy for straight women


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