Draymond Green accuses Chris Russo of “racist undertones”.

Draymond Green has responded to Chris Russo and told him to shut up and play.

“Yesterday, him [Russo] comes on TV and he says ‘America is sick of Draymond Green.’ Then he goes on to say, ‘Shut up and play,'” Green said on his podcast, The Draymond Green Show, on Thursday. “I’m not someone who really draws a racing card very often because I think we all know the role that racing plays in a world that we live in, but that definitely had a very racist connotation. A very racist undertone. Also with a racist undertone.”

Russo wasn’t on Green’s radar until he started going to “First Take” on Wednesdays with Stephen A. Smith, and so Green knows nothing about Russo’s platforms on MLB Network and SiriusXM and his long tenure as the No. 1 in the afternoon ride with “Mike and the Mad Dog” on WFAN before that.

“Who are you, what have you done in your life to speak up for America and say shut up and play?” asked Green.

“The days of shut up and play, shut up and dribble, that’s long gone. We don’t hear that anymore. We don’t want to hear it anymore. It has no place here and will not be tolerated. I also said it’s time for you to go home and sit on your couch and thank the good god I didn’t want his job. In fact, before I signed with Turner, I was offered a spot on First Take. ”

Draymond Green, Chris Russo
Draymond Green, Chris Russo
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Green promised athletes would take over the sports media from those like Russo who didn’t play.

“The media landscape is changing,” he said. “You can’t sit and say whatever you want anymore. You must stop spreading these false narratives. You can no longer ignore what you are talking about and we will listen to you. Those days are long gone, and do you know why? Because we have people like JJ Redick who did it, who speaks it, who knows how to talk about a different subject, who isn’t afraid to shut up an idiot.

Green ended his tirade by promising to hold Russo accountable.

“So, bad dog, go, thank god I didn’t want your job. You can have that. But just know, you will be held accountable. I’ll be watching you and embarrassing you so make sure if you go up there and yell and talk all that nonsense out of your throat no buddy you will be held accountable. You will. Believe that. I hold everything you say accountable. Gone are the days when the media was held accountable and you were no longer held accountable. We don’t live with that anymore.”

What Green didn’t mention was that Russo’s biggest upset was that he bragged about making $25 million a year. What he also failed to mention when accusing Russo of having racist overtones was that Stephen A. Smith had twice defended him on those counts.

The first time, during the original First Take segment, Smith said that while he didn’t agree with Russo that Green should shut up and play, his criticism wasn’t based on race.

“It’s not a race thing,” Smith told Reddick on Wednesday. “It’s not like that with Doggy. You’ve got old-school fans bemoaning the fact that you’ve got a lot of people out there just saying, like he’s doing, it’s enough already.”

Smith added that he encounters a “whole bunch of Mad Dog Russos walking around” — and that they’re not just in their 50s and 60s. “There’s a whole bunch of people in their 20s and 30s who will say about a player or a team they don’t like, ‘That’s enough,'” Smith said.

Smith also called SiriusXM’s “Mad Dog Unleashed” on Wednesday to defend Russo.

“Mad Dog Russo is free to be who the hell he wants to be on First Take,” Smith said.

“We are not here to hug and say kumbaya by agreeing and agreeing with all of our opinions. What the hell would I need you for on ‘First Take’ if you didn’t have a different opinion?

Watching this today, I want to stress that race had nothing to do with it. You mentioned athletes, period. Draymond Green was the talk of the town at the time.

“It was interpreted by JJ Redick the way he interpreted it. I didn’t even have a problem with it. My only problem was when he mentioned Fox News. And here’s why. First Take is not a show about attacking networks. You can like or dislike a specific person, but there’s a plethora of people working at Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and everywhere else, so let’s not generalize and talk about one specific network.”

Smith said he doesn’t expect panelists on “First Take” to always agree, and that the model of the show — and why it’s remained No. 1 for a decade — is people making passionate arguments and doing that lets the audience decide how you feel. Draymond Green accuses Chris Russo of “racist undertones”.


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