Donald Trump may finally face prosecution in the new year: But the trauma won’t end there

The story of the Republican Party in America has changed. Once the pro-small government party, which preached that we should stand up for ourselves with our spoils, the GOP turned into a party made up of people who gave everything to them and wanted to dictate our values. our values, our values ​​and our freedoms.

As for the size of government, the GOP still wants it to be small when it comes to social services, healthcare and infrastructure – but not so much when it comes to defense, corporate bailouts or pork barrel law.

There are those who maintain the Republican story is never anything too rosy, or anywhere near idyllic. I cannot give them comfort.

Skeptics tell us our overall nation more precisely a story of greed, rape and exploitation. Optimists want a story of redemption and hope. Liars tell us we are the greatest, while fools, idiots, racists, populists, Republicans, Democrats, mainstream media and others Protestants all come up with stories of their own – with all sorts of things to confound and/or amuse us. But very few of them are real. In America, it seems that we build a reality based on our feelings and beliefs, when the truth has very little impact.

At this point, the information-saturated average American wonders if there is an absolute truth – or at least a story composed of objective facts. But wait! Some celebs have just been exposed for doing something indecent in public – and it’s got our attention now.

This inability to deal with the truth, this infatuation with rude and sassy words, has led us to Donald Trump – a man as empty as he is pompous. He was as calm as he was as he was numb, fought like he knew nothing, and was not American in acting like a skilled Nazi attacker. Donald Trump is the antithesis of the American dream, a ramshackle nightmare of a man reeling in a cage he made for himself, Adderall’s stench, sweat and fear. He’s straight into Hollywood’s B-list, with A-list dreams that can never come true – and he’ll make the world suffer, if he can, for his own failures.

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As soon as the start of the new year, if my sources in the Justice Department are correct, Donald Trump could face federal RICO charges. Of course there have been threats against Donald Trump in the courts for years, and as his henchmen know, he dodges every bullet that comes his way. But in the end just one landing, and with the January 6 House committee sighing, the Southern District of New York and even the Manhattan DA still investigating him, it seems the department This cheap polyester suit of a man. , the ultimate troll and the ultimate killer, will eventually face countless lawsuits even if he’s unconquerable. But again, don’t hold your breath: There are many who believe that Trump will never face justice until he takes his last breath.

It’s not that we don’t know what happened on January 6, 2021. It’s not that we don’t know Trump is behind it. It’s not that we don’t know something was done that fundamentally betrayed the principles of our founding fathers. It’s not that we don’t know if he’s a murderer, a con man, or a thief. It is merely a matter of whether Trump can get away with it.

Some will reinstate Trump. Some have reported public support for vaccination intensifying the pandemic and encouraged others to get vaccinated. For some reason, there are those who believe it will redeem Trump for his years of denial and criminal conduct. But Trump cannot be reinstated before being charged and prosecuted. Anything else is just grist for the Trump propaganda factory and an attempt to avoid justice being delivered to him for his apparent or probable crimes.

Innocent until proven guilty is a legal principle that applies to everyone – including Donald Trump. But until he is held accountable, his redemption is not just and, by definition, justice.

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So as we begin the New Year, we all need to consider how we handle Donald Trump. Personally, I’m taking this as a New Year’s resolution to reduce my coverage of Trump to just a handful of possible events:

  1. His indictment.
  2. His official announcement as a candidate for higher office.
  3. An unprecedented cataclysmic event in which he played some role.

I don’t need to cover up his redemption efforts until later. I don’t need to report these moron’s boring brutal attacks on the American psyche, thus spreading them. I don’t need to comment in depth about every gut-wrenching rant from his fledgling heart, or his neighborhood-bullying approach to those who question him.

America needs Donald Trump as little as we need the coronavirus.

It’s not that Trump created right-wing conspirators and QAnon believes the “Deep State” is run by child-eating aliens. It was Trump that gave them a path to legalization. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but your opinion needs to be based on fact-checked. Green Bay Packers star defender Aaron Rodgers recently said that science needs to be questioned and he should be free to voice his opinion on it. He is correct on both counts. Science is science because it is questioned and it is not propaganda. But Rodgers needs to be quiet. Most climate scientists can’t tell him how to thread a needle into a protected tank top man with a liner inside – and Rodgers knows the science well. and epidemiology. But like so many celebrities, Rodgers confuses his public platform with a popular one, from which he can give opinions on matters he is unaware of. We have to thank Trump for allowing all those with ignorant and uninformed views to believe that it is as valid as the opinions held by those with factual knowledge. about problems. It is an unsophisticated method to sabotage education and science.

The fourth estate amplifies this problem. With every president since Ronald Reagan stripping reporters of the right to cover, the press has reduced to informational nature and debates on national television between con artists posing as experts and talkers. pretending to be a reporter. We give ignorance a seat on the stage, talk to it and encourage it. Few of us even bother to read the newspaper. They are dying.

It was the perfect storm. We live in a world where the media is unable to fully inform the public that is largely unwilling or unable to check the facts, while swindlers and scammers roam freely, conceal themselves in flags and Bibles and preach a stench that further confuses the bad guys. vote.

A politician once said that there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America. What is completely wrong with America today is that we will not take the time to grasp what is right for America. We are too lazy, like content and illusions. One of our key spokes was a rich, fat, fat, old, narcissistic, privileged white man who couldn’t and didn’t want to understand what the average American was. often faced, but zealously preached to us against our own self-interest. Because of the lack of education and the damage to the fourth estate, many people continue to buy the things that this acidic man sells.

Donald Trump will one day be legit news again. But until then, he’s not worth the ink.

World events. The pandemic, infrastructure, economy, education and healthcare are a few issues that deserve more attention than Trump or any NFL defender exposing his paws to show him off. no “big toe”.

I always take my New Year’s resolutions seriously. There is no better time to re-evaluate your own actions and goals than at the end of the year; that week after Christmas and just before the next year begins on the device.

It’s the best time to sit, eat leftovers, have a nice glass of water if you’re enjoying yourself, and sit by the warm air of a roaring furnace, if you have one, to think for a moment. .

Donald Trump is our creation. Our culture has fallen into bedlam, good news, angry politics, and the Spy vs. Spy (with apologies to Mad Magazine), coupled with our exponentially growing inability to discern truth from fiction, makes Trump both possible and inevitable.

If there’s a piece of truth to the adage that what’s wrong can be fixed by what’s right, then as long as we’re above the dirt, we’ve got a chance at redemption.

It starts now. Hopefully it doesn’t end with us saying, “Don’t look up.”

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Huynh Nguyen

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