Destiny 2’s new six-person “Wellspring” Activity Explained: The Complete Guide

A brand new six-player activity – not a Raid – is now available in Destiny 2, and we’ve got a full rundown of all there is to know about the Wellspring challenge in the Queen expansion witch.

After years of construction until her appearance, the Witch Queen, Savathun herself, is currently focused. With the brand new latest expansion types of weapons, events, Seasonal contentand more in between.

Though featured in the content drop is a new six-person activity that challenges the full-size Fireteams. Following on from names like Blind Well or Menagerie, Wellspring is now in effect during the Age of the Witch Queen.

While it’s still early days and the experience is sure to evolve, here’s the complete rundown to get you through the Wellspring activity in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Savathun artwork

With the arrival of Savathun, a brand new activity for six in her Throne World.

How to access Wellspring activity in Witch Queen

The first one is unlocking the Wellspring activity in Destiny 2. If you’re just starting the The Witch Queen expansion, you won’t get access to this new six-player challenge right out of the portal.

Instead, guardians must first Complete the Witch Queen campaign to unlock new activity. All major story quests must be completed before Wellspring appears in the Director.

Regardless of whether you play on classic or new difficulty Legendary Variation, as long as you complete all the tasks, you will be able to participate in the Wellspring activity. It’s worth noting, however, that all Fireteam members require access. So you can’t enter Wellspring if one of your teammates hasn’t finished the story yet.

Destiny 2 Wellspring’s power level

Recommended power level for The Wellspring: Attack is set to 1510 Strength.

Obviously, the higher your Power, the easier it is to find this activity. With the new deck set to 1350, you’ll have to grind a bit before jumping into Wellspring.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen armor set

This new six-player activity is only available after completing the Witch Queen campaign.

Completing the campaign will provide a good boost and even better, if you tackle the story on Legendary you’ll have a full armor set on the Recommended Power Level.

Destiny 2 Wellspring: Attack Guide

As for Wellspring’s offensive operation: Your goal is to stop a Hive as they seek to obtain a more powerful Light. To do this, your party of six must first attack the party in Savathun’s World of Throne before escorting a Resonator Plane and delivering critical hits to a few key targets.

After spawning, your first job is to ‘regain control of Wellspring.’ This is as simple as clearing the first room full of enemies.

Once your team is settled after the first encounter, a Sound Separator will appear. Stand near this target to guide the target along the predetermined path within the specified five-minute period.

If you’re used to the new Public Events, you’ll feel right at home here. The same principle is to stand near a target and wipe out enemies waiting along the way.

Game Destiny 2

Similar to the new Witch Queen Public Event, the Guardians must escort a Resonant Splinter through the Wellspring activity.

Halfway there, however, things change in the Wellspring operation. You’ll have to break a few crystals to open up the next area, a larger open field with more rooms spread out in all directions.

Stick together as a full team and reach these rooms at a time. Inside, you’ll notice a typical Hive platform that needs to be charged by standing on it.

Upon platform activation, it drops an impenetrable shield on enemies with the yellow bar Patron of Spring directly ahead. Wipe out this miniboss, take the Orb it landed on and place it in the center of the map. Then you simply rinse and repeat the process for the next few rooms.

Game Destiny 2 Wellspring

Wiping out all the Patrons of Spring is the key to triggering Wellspring’s final boss battle.

Once all the Patrons have been taken care of and all of their Orbs have been granted, it’s time to battle the big boss against the Golmag, the Warden of the Spring.

This giant goblin rushes into battle with a health bar divided into sections. After clearing each segment, a new impregnable shield appears to keep the boss safe.

To take it down before each wave of damage, simply repeat the cycle as before. Kill the patrons around the map, position their Orbs in the center and continue with your damage. Thats all to have it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the Wellspring Attack in Destiny 2 for you to follow:

  1. Take back control of Wellspring by clearing enemies around.
  2. Escort a Resonant Splinter across the map, killing enemies along the way.
  3. Activate the Hive platform, kill the Patrons of Spring and store their Orbs.
  4. Defeat Golmag, Warden of the Spring to finish the operation.

That’s all we know about the new Wellspring activity in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion. As we uncover more secrets, we’ll make sure to let you know right here.

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