Cut off Putin’s power by cutting off Russian gas

The financial sanctions of the free world are hitting Russia hard, but the best way to prolong Vladimir Putin’s time is still more sensible energy policies, in the United States and around the world. West.

The ruble rallied on Monday, and the Russian stock market wasn’t even open. All react to Much tougher sanctions announced by the West on Sunday – drastic measures inspired by the brutality of Putin’s invasion and the heroic resistance of Ukraine.

Still, it’s not enough: Putin’s regime gets plenty of wealth to fund its military from selling energy. And he uses energy as a weapon, especially to blackmail Europe.

No less than the leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party, Olaf Scholz, is facing these realities. In his magnificent speech on Sunday, he swore “To eliminate our dependence on imports from individual energy suppliers.”

Germany still aims to be carbon neutral by 2045, but Scholz is committed “Building up coal and gas reserves” and building two new Liquid Natural Gas terminals to allow imports.

“Responsible, forward-looking energy policy is not just important for our economy and climate. It is also very important to our security,” he stated.

Fuel prices at a 7-Eleven gas station in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Gasoline prices in the US have remained at a steady high over the past few months.

Listen listen. But America needs to do its part. That means abandoning short-sighted efforts by Democrats to strangle America’s energy industry, which is producing 1.2 million barrels of oil less per day than it did at its peak under the last president. together.

Equal Steve Moore notes for The Post, with oil at $100 a barrel, that’s $120 million in lost US income Daily.

It also left we imported from Russia – and forced to switch to also autocratic regimes in Venezuela or Iran if we boycott the fans.

Like Germany, we are burning carbon fuels no matter where they come from. Wouldn’t it make more sense to burn our own – and supply the needs of the allied nations, who lack these resources?

And, yes, renewed U.S. manufacturing is also important to our economy: More jobs, lower pump prices, and help slow out-of-control inflation.

This is not Not means giving up the fight against climate change, let alone denying planetary warming. But it do requires realizing the simple fact that solar, wind, and other alternative energy sources are not yet where we need them remotely to heat our homes and power factories and computers. and our car. (Nuclear power also deserves another look: It worked for the French.)

Putin’s invasion has been a wake-up call on many fronts. Shifting to a “responsible, forward-looking energy policy” should be one of them. Cut off Putin’s power by cutting off Russian gas


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