Certain Man His Mother Is Dead Meets Homeless Woman Who Tells Him ‘Your Mom Was Looking For You’ – Story of the Day

A young man believes his mother died in a car crash that nearly killed him and is shocked when a homeless woman tells him she’s alive.

Kevin Jordan’s mother died when he was only 6 years old in a horrible car accident that left him in a coma for 3 months. At least, that’s what Kevin’s father told him.

But the truth is much darker and more unpleasant. Kevin’s mother, Moira, has struggled with a drinking problem for years – an issue she refused to acknowledge until she drove her car into a wall and nearly killed her son.

Kevin was stunned when the elderly homeless woman approached and called his name | Source: Shutterstock.com

Kevin’s father, Kurt, was devastated. He knelt by the bed of his unconscious son and cried. “It’s my fault,” he whispered. “I let this happen!” That day, Kurt decided that Moira would never hurt Kevin again.

So when Kevin woke up after three months, confused and staggered to ask his mother, Kurt took his hand and recounted the biggest lie of his life. “You must be brave, Kevin. I went to heaven to be with the angels…”

Parents will do anything to protect their children.

Kevin cried, and Kurt wondered if he did the right thing. If he lets Moira back into Kevin’s life, she’s sure to hurt and disappoint him over and over again – just as she’s hurt and disappointed Kurt.

Kevin is too young to understand the truth about his mother | Source: Unsplash

Kevin will mourn his mother, Kurt thought, but he will always remember her as the beautiful, vivacious woman Moira had been. He’d never know she’d gotten so drunk she’d gone out of control.

And Kevin grew up with the myth that his mother was a happy, quiet woman, and Kurt often told him stories about her at bedtime. The stories are not lies – they are about Moira before she changed, and drinking became the most important thing in her life.

Kurt was a good father, and Kevin became a good man. He attended university and graduated with honors. Sadly, he passed away in an accident shortly after Kevin graduated and he was devastated.

Kevin was offered a job for a reputable company in San Francisco, and he felt that maybe a change would help him turn the tide. What he doesn’t know is that in the City by the Bay, he will discover the truth about his life – and it will break his heart.

Moira has a drinking problem and can’t control it | Source: Unsplash

It all started because Kevin loves hiking. On his walks, he often crosses the street with a homeless woman who trudges down the steep street where Kevin lives with a shopping cart.

The carts are usually full, and Kevin wonders about her nimble powers. One day, he greeted her. “There it is,” he said. “Good morning!” To his surprise, the woman stopped and stared at him, her mouth hanging open.

Kevin? “She asked.” Is that your name? “

Kevin was stunned. “It’s correct!” he say. “How do you know?”

Moira Drunk Driving Leads to Terrible Accident | Source: Unsplash

The woman smiled, revealing two shiny pink gums and three crooked teeth. “Your mom has a picture of you on her wall! She’s so proud of you!”

“My mom…” Kevin felt the world sway around him and wondered if it was one of those legendary San Francisco earthquakes. “My mother is dead, ma’am. She’s been dead for 20 years.”

“Your mother is looking for you!” Angry homeless woman said. “You’re an ungrateful boy, and Moira is a kind woman!” She started pushing her cart up the street again, but Kevin ran after her.

“Moira?” he panted. “This woman’s name is MOIRA?”

Kevin’s father tells him that his mother is in heaven | Source: Unsplash

“It’s correct!” the homeless woman snarled. “She runs the Bay Street Shelter! And I can tell you she’s a good friend to people like me!”

Kevin couldn’t believe it. He drove to the Bay Street Shelter immediately. He parked across the street, plucked up courage, and stepped in. The shelter was filled with people queuing for breakfast, and scooping up porridge was a woman with faded red hair and a bright smile.

Although the mother he remembered was slim and attractive, Kevin recognized Moira immediately, despite the lines that a difficult and painful life had carved into her once-smooth face. .

“Mommy!” he was crying, and when he heard his voice, Moira looked up. The ladle fell from her hand with a click and she brought her hand to her lips.

A homeless woman tells Kevin that his mother is alive | Source: Pexels

“Kevin?” With a trembling voice, she asked, “Is it you?”

“I thought you were dead!” he whispered. “Dad said…”

Moira crossed the room and put her arms around her son for the first time in twenty years. “Oh Kevin,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry. Your dad believes it’s best for you to think I’m dead and I agree with him.”

Kevin’s mother runs a homeless shelter | Source: Pexels

“How could you think I would better believe you’re dead?” Kevin yelled angrily. “I CREDIT TO YOU!”

“Kevin,” Moira said softly. “I was drunk that day, drunk driving and he was seriously injured. The woman in the back of our car almost died. I went to jail.

“Kurt and I… You have to understand that losing my family made me realize I had a problem,” explains Moira. “And it took me years to win my battle for sanity. Kurt was right. But you have to believe I never stopped loving you, thinking about you.”

Moira takes Kevin back to her small office, where an entire wall is covered with pictures of Kevin from different times in his life.

“Kurt sends me pictures every month and tells me how you’re doing. And I promise I won’t come to you until you’re older, more settled. But two years ago, pictures and pictures mail stopped coming, and I lost track of you.”

Moira has dozens of pictures of Kevin on the wall | Source: Pexels

“Dad passed away, mom,” Kevin said. “It was a car crash.”

Moira bowed her head and cried. “I loved him so much, and I let him down so much…”

“He loves you too, Mom!” Kevin said. “Every night before going to bed, he tells me stories about you, great funny stories. I think he must be smiling in heaven today because neither of us are alone anymore. again.”

Kevin has found his mother, he’s not alone anymore | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

  • Addictions take over people’s lives and make them alienated from themselves and their loved ones. Only when Moira admits that she has a problem can she begin to battle her addiction.
  • Parents will do anything to protect their children, even their own. Moira agreed to Kurt’s terms to protect Kevin from having to witness the deterioration of her addiction.

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