Celebs ready for review

award season. Pee on the Oscars. Poo at the Golden Globes. But pop goes to the National Board of Review.

Host, Craig Melvin. Who would have thought NBC News paid so much. His tie cost more than Cipriani’s rent.

Kenneth Branagh, ready for any award this side of Killarney: “I’m surprised by the tremendous response. I directed “Belfast”, a chapter in my life, from the heart. Living through what I did changed my life.

“The human price was high. Man is the first to suffer. Like in Ukraine. she see neighbors suffer. Life is intense. What needs to take place instead is dialogue. A sit down. Discuss each side. Listen to each other’s arguments and needs. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Know that other people are different. attack separation. It has never been more necessary.

“Right now Northern Ireland has made it law for the first time in years. A few days ago. They just enshrined in law that young children can study in integrated schools between Catholics and Protestants. They just did it right now after all these years.”

Will Smith, who everyone thought was a winner for “King Richard” hugged Tony Shalhoub when Aunjanue Ellis walked in: “My role in ‘King Richard’ wasn’t easy to come by. I didn’t even know Will Smith, one of the most famous people in the world, when I auditioned to play the wife. I wanted the role but I was nervous. They were looking for people more famous than me, but I knew I had it!”

Zazie Beetz from Netflix “The Harder They Fall” shown, and Will Wilbur, sitting next to me to decipher who was what, murmured, “I see her on the subway going downtown from 116th.” Me, who was busy, that Missing to write down Spike Lee, who slid past wearing white-rimmed glasses.

A view of the audience during the ABC live broadcast of the 93rd Annual Academy Awards at Union Station in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, April 25, 2021.
Last year’s Oscars were an absolute ratings disaster.
Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS/Shutterstock

Overheard by professionals: “How come the Oscars don’t feature all these artists and people behind the scenes when they support the whole industry?” No other voice was heard saying, “Because otherwise they’re stupid endlessly boring Oscars Stay dumb endless and boring.”

“Attica” director Stanley Nelson: “I knew about this rebellion. I’ve thought about the story for 30 years. I know the unspeakable background of these prisons. I wanted to tell.”

West Side Stories Ilda and Jeanette stopped by in richly embroidered Naeem Khan robes “which go back to the stylist in the morning”. Question: These two beauties nominated for something? Answer: “No. But Disney bought a table and they have to fill it.”

Attica director Stanley Nelson's film received rave reviews at the 74th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards on March 12, 2022.
Attica director Stanley Nelson’s film received rave reviews at the 74th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards on March 12, 2022.
Momodu Mansaray/WireImage

“Belfast” Ciarán Hinds ready for the evening Best supporting actor: “I grew up in Belfast. Born ’53, left ’73 for theater training. What happened to us was in ’69. Hard to believe we made what we thought was a little story. Watch, listen, amazing to see what has become of it.”

Before the pandemic, the overburdened National Board of Review in NYC was always the first of awards nights. Now, after two years of demolition, there weren’t masks fewer tables and President Annie Schulhof said, “I checked with virologists, immunologists, neurologists and all kinds of doctors before committing to it.”

Last time she wore Tom Ford’s suit. This time Thom Browne’s suit. Annie’s tom-tom beat goes on forever.


Speaking of awards, President Joe has roared about it being the closest he can get Advisor is his wife. Oh cool. The United States of America, the greatest nation in the world, run by a middle-aged man with straggly, uncombed yellow hair, crappy floral-print dresses—and in ultra-modern Delaware at that.

How’s that for a sharp, prime, sharp thinker deal with Russia?

Better yet, hunters or hunters could be hunted cackling Kamala.

Continuing my zeal to deliver cutting edge/cutting edge/first time information: The news is what has become too slow from our previous mail delivery service. The Postmaster General has sent a letter of complaint to the New York headquarters. And as soon as it arrives, all hell breaks loose.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York. Celebs ready for review


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