Cassidy and Shanae vs. The House (RECAP)

Clayton Echard‘S Bachelor The journey has officially begun! After the January 3 broadcast Premiere season 26 starting with commission rejection, early elimination and first round of cuts, it’s clear that this year’s season is turning into one of the most dramatic!

For Clayton and the group’s first private date, the show wasted no time calling out some famous faces to lend the Bachelor a hand. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the house as the women form relationships and compete, leading up to the final episode that leads to an important decision for Clayton.

Let’s dive into what’s to come in Week 2!

Woman vs Cassidy on first date

Taking a trip from The Bachelor Mansion to another girl in Beverly Hills, the girls on a first date are instructed to throw a birthday party for a group of (very active) young people. With Clayton’s established childhood love through his touching interaction with Michelle Youngstudent of above Bachelorette, This group date gives the women the perfect opportunity to tap into their family sides. Not only that, the mother-of-three (and upcoming Hulu’s star) How I met your father) Hilary Duff Made a special appearance to help the contestants throw the best party ever (bouncy restaurant and all)!

Hilary said: “Knowing that fatherhood is so important to Clayton, I wanted Clayton and the girls, especially, to just get a glimpse of how chaotic it can really be.

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 2, ABC, Hilary Duff, Clayton Echard

ABC / John Fleenor

While the others prepared the reception and decorated a cake, Cassidy focused on spending time alone with Clayton. “I didn’t come here to build a dollhouse. I’m here to build relationships.” Others were quick to notice, much to their dismay.

Melina is the life of the party in her clown performance, while elementary school teacher Serene showcases her skills by connecting with young partygoers, much appreciated by Clayton. He applauds everyone’s efforts, but Cassidy makes it very clear that the kids are not her thing, going too far when *accidentally* drops the birthday cake Genevieve decorated. “How disrespectful,” she grumbled. Maybe she should focus less on trying to talk Hilary and Clayton and more on the task at hand.

At dinner that night, the women took the opportunity to call Cassidy, who made sure she received the group’s date rose. “I simply won’t apologize for not putting up enough transmitters,” she replied when the woman confronted her about her behavior. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The women worry that Clayton won’t see right through Cassidy’s fake personality, and their fears are confirmed when he gives her the group date rose. “Who is laughing now,” she quips. She did exactly what she set out to do, but not without making some enemies in the process.

Susie has a confrontational first date

Susie is happy to take her relationship with Clayton “to the next level” on her first date of the season. Having never been in a helicopter before, she boarded a helicopter for a beautiful sightseeing trip through California with Clayton, even spotting the Bachelor’s Mansion from above.

Dating from the air to the sea, they spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the hot tub on a private boat. “She seemed very genuine, very humble,” says Clayton, having felt a strong connection to the Virginia Beach native. “Having this special time with Susie is nothing short of amazing.”

At dinner, they forge a strong bond with their family. Susie opens up about her father’s health struggles and his battle to meet his newborn grandson. He loves her ability to see the good in her bad times, which he admits he struggles with.

Closing the night on a single note, the two were treated to a private concert by Amanda Jordan, who sang her song “I Choose You” before Clayton gave Susie a rose. After his bad luck with one on one on Bachelorette (too soon?), Clayton’s first game of the season couldn’t have gone better.

Shanae starts a second date

After the success of the group date, Cassidy imparted her *wisdom* to Shanae on her second group date of the week. Comedian Ziwe surprises the group with a game of “Relationship Red Flags,” which aims to help Clayton determine who’s really there for the right reasons.

Shanae, in full “Sha-nay-ay” mode, will win, and she aims to take down who she considers her obvious opponent: Elizabeth. During the obstacle course, Cassidy got her revenge, *accidentally* pushed Elizabeth out of a piece of fake bread and butter, and the two were forced into the “friend zone”. But Sarah, who triumphed over the hurdles, won overtime with Clayton that Shanae desperately wanted.

Shanae’s displeasure continued into the night, especially after Elizabeth put Clayton aside first. Elizabeth, Sarah, Marlena, Rachel, and more continue to make their mark with their men, but Shanae uses her time to point out the “red flags” in the house, continuing to dig into Elizabeth . Clayton was truly shocked, as were the rest of the women, when he pushed Elizabeth aside to talk.

The news sets Elizabeth on fire, though she confesses that she pushed Shanae earlier in the day, leaving Clayton even more confused than before. Shanae aside, Elizabeth shares it with her, apologizing for allegedly hurting Shanae’s feelings earlier in the week. In the end, neither of the women ended up dating the group that came to Sarah. When Clayton leaves, the women left to deal with Shanae and Elizabeth’s drama, with those who haven’t had time with Clayton feel particularly annoyed.

Cassidy’s secret revealed

Clayton entered the second rose ceremony of the season with excitement and hoping to avoid drama. Eliza and Jill make up for lost time after not participating in group dates, each maintaining a positive attitude. Gabby discovers another (terrifying) Clayton face pillow, but it works for her, because he loves her sense of humour. “I mean, right now, this is the best night I could ask for. And no drama! “Oh, Clayton, you spoke too soon.

Shanae took Elizabeth aside again to discuss yesterday’s argument. She accused Elizabeth of using ADHD as an excuse for her *rude* behaviour, after which the rest of the group agreed that Shanae should apologize. Even Cassidy goes against her friend!

Cassidy’s best behavior quickly wore off when Sierra revealed to Clayton that Cassidy had told her about a mutually beneficial friendship she had with a guy back home. Sierra tells Cassidy what she’s done, while Clayton takes a minute to think. Jesse approached him to see how he was doing when he left us on a giant plane, asking Jesse, “Has anyone ever gotten a rose back before?”

Looks like we’ll have to wait two weeks to see if Cassidy’s secret comes back to bite her!

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