Can I be penalized for obstructing emergency services?

Moving out of the way of a flashing ambulance, police car, or fire truck is one of the oldest rules in the book — but you can still get it wrong.

We explain how to make sure you drive safe on the road if emergency services are trying to pass.

Drivers are likely to be fined for avoiding emergency vehicles on the wrong side of the road


Drivers are likely to be fined for avoiding emergency vehicles on the wrong side of the roadCredit: Alamy

Can I be penalized for obstructing emergency services?

Under the Emergency Works (Obstacles) Act 2006, you can be fined up to £5,000 for “intentionally obstructing” an ambulance.

That means a concerted effort to prevent an ambulance, fire truck or police vehicle from passing.

However, if there is nowhere you can move out, you will not be punished for staying where you are.

However, motorists are more likely to be fined for running a red light or moving into a bus lane to avoid an emergency vehicle, they have been warned.

So make sure that when an emergency vehicle goes through the traffic with its siren, you won’t be breaking the law. Road rules in process.

What rules should I know?

Stop at the yellow intersection or running a red light are serious driving offenses – and you’ll be fined regardless of your reason for doing so.

Fines on bus lanes vary depending on your location, while running a red light could land you in trouble penalty up to £1,000 and six penalty points on your license.

The Highway Code also recommends: “Do not endanger yourself, other road users or pedestrians and avoid climbing the curb.

“Do not brake hard when approaching an intersection or roundabout, as the vehicle behind may not be in your line of sight.”

And make sure you don’t run a red light or move into a bus lane while avoiding an emergency vehicle.

It can land you with a fine up to £1,000.

Make sure you use common sense and follow the rules when an ambulance comes up behind you.

And don’t panic – they won’t expect you to disappear immediately, especially on a busy road.

Doing the right thing in a reasonable amount of time will always get you a good chance.

Ambulance rules are not set to change when new highway code will take effect next year.

However, the new guidelines mean cyclists are given priority In certain situations.

Here’s a look at it all major rule changes you need to know.

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