Brooklyn Beckham is cute – but he doesn’t deserve to see his own cooking show just because his parents are famous

ADDITION he’s handsome as ever. He seems cute and his parents clearly adore him.

But watching Brooklyn Beckham on The Late Late Show With James Corden in the US cooking steak and chips with mushy peas because he discovered that he enjoys cooking during the lockdown makes me bitter.

I hope Brooklyn Beckham finally finds his true calling


I hope Brooklyn Beckham finally finds his true calling

My thoughts go to friends and colleagues in the hospitality business who are chef-trained and deserve a spot at Corden’s table, rather than rookie Brooklyn.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who shares my thoughts on autocracy and unfair exploitation. It’s a little surprising that this type of display causes jealousy and frustration.

However, being the child of internationally renowned parents can be a difficult thing to do on your own. Inheriting a name that instantly identifies you with those who have walked their path in life, and a never-ending association, is not something you can choose to do.

How do you make a life, really for yourself, and make a career out of your infamous parents without comparisons and measurements, contrasts and observations being made?

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It is clear that Brooklyn did not choose to be born into a rich, privileged, and famous family over members of the Royal family did.

It’s just a mantle of relationship he’s forced to take on, and while there are worse things in life beyond luxury and decadence, it also leaves you with a very clear choice. clear.

Not a week goes by without another celebrity child hitting the news, boasting a strong social media following, an exotic vacation, a lavish lifestyle, or a vacant position because of his nature. They may not necessarily have talent themselves, but have learned to rely heavily on their parents. .

Riding on the tails of your famous relatives’ coats turns out to be a very lucrative business.

Of course, some kids have been caught in the limelight before they had the choice to reject it and grow up never being able to shake it off.

For many people, it becomes unbearable, and they actively seek to distance it from it to the best of their ability by “hiding” and away from instant fame and glory by association. .

I was reminded of this when I saw pictures of Paul McCartneyJames’ son is walking the streets of Brighton looking very ordinary with his long beard and sandals.

Not someone who looks like he’s basking in the glory of his father’s fame and fortune.

Brooklyn Beckham is trying to create his own path instead of just being known as David Beckham's son


Brooklyn Beckham is trying to create his own path instead of just being known as David Beckham’s sonCredit: Instagram

For him, it must have been difficult to decide what to do in life when your dad is one of the most famous musicians in the world and you also want to make a career in music.

With the McCartney surname, you can be considered a failure before you strum a six-string guitar.

Others absolutely love it. Whether they are the daughters of famous models, comedians or musicians or the sons of famous actors, they will be free to enter the celebrity world, no question asked.

For those of us who have worked hard all of our careers while they have never worked a day in their young lives, that sounds like a serious injustice. I found it very annoying.

Maybe because I founded it so early, I will never want to be famous by the association.

When I was first photographed with Prince Edward on a trip to the theater in 1987 – I didn’t know him at all but we ended up walking side by side and I was in the news the next day – my mother reminded me that I announced Obviously I have never. I want to be famous because I know someone. I want to make my own way in life.

And the same goes for my own children. They never once relied on me for a scandal or let them take a step up the career ladder.

In fact, on one odd occasion when I wanted to help in some way, it was turned down.

I always respect that and pat myself on the back for giving them the best work ethic.

I hope Brooklyn Beckham finds his true calling and builds a good career for himself.

Alternatively, he can always run away with the circus. . .

Changing HRT is a big step

I was excited to hear about the possibility that hormone replacement therapy might be available to women over-the-counter, instead of having to see a doctor first.

For a lot of women, going through menopause is absolute hell, but help is still available.

We were too slow and too awkward to convey the message that HRT can actually change things for the better during this very difficult period of a woman’s later life.

As a result, many women are unaware of the possibilities of HRT and many feel they suffer from hot flashes, anxiety, fatigue, and decreased sex drive.

We clearly have a lot more work to do in educating about this unforgivable time in a woman’s life.

That’s why I joined The Sun’s Amazing Menopause Issues campaign, calling for free HRT on the NHS, asking businesses to support more and getting people to talk more openly about menopause period.

I believe that if we make women better informed, make sure they are aware of what is available, and make them understand that they don’t need to suffer unnecessarily, then the idea of ​​providing HRT doesn’t work. Prescription can dramatically change a woman’s life.

What’s more, it means the next generation of women will have the knowledge and support to make more informed choices about their lives and bodies.

Rihanna’s revelation

Rihanna spectacularly announces pregnancy


Rihanna spectacularly announces pregnancyCredit: Shutterstock

Way Rihanna claims she is expecting her first child enough to make you believe she was the first woman to go through pregnancy.

Looking chic and glamorous during a blizzard in Harlem, New York, she’s now worn much more than a hot pink Chanel coat to show off her bare baby bump, worn in a Lacroix necklace and worn she caressed with her hand.

But this is the era we live in. Next up, no doubt, will be an elaborate, no-frills gender reveal party.

I can’t imagine anything worse than freezing my bump just for the sake of taking pictures. But obviously I wish her all the best.

Where do we start?

The IOPC's cruel report provided a shocking insight into police culture


The IOPC’s cruel report provided a shocking insight into police cultureCredit: Getty

AGAIN I forget we’re in 2022. With racism, sexism, and perversions rampant, it often feels more like the 1950s.

I have always been a great supporter of the police. I have friends who are officers and detectives and I have always had a sane respect for authority.

But I was blown away – in the most sinister way – by this week’s Independent Office of Police Conduct report on officers at Charing Cross police station in London and “canteen culture” was too prevalent.

The IOPC has made it clear that its investigation is not about “a few bad apples” but about a culture of racism, bullying, sexism, homophobia, vanity, toxic masculinity and one of the acts of sexual harassment.

Its findings are like a list of the worst of humanity.

One thing is for sure, it takes more than one person to make a plant and more obviously the roots and branches need to be cut down.


But the deeper question for me is: How do you train people to change their minds?

Thoughts and feelings are instinctive, and if someone says they will “happily rape you,” that’s not an ideology, it’s an instinct and intuition.

Even if it’s just impulsiveness, thoughtlessness and ignorance, how the hell do you make people understand that your feelings are wrong and unacceptable?

We are talking about mature men whose mindset has evolved over time.

It’s not like trying to convince your teen that hitting another is fundamentally wrong and will never work out well.

I didn’t know you started retraining and rehabilitating police officers who cling to their long-held sentiment that women will love you more if you “slap them” or that “African children should be turned into dog food.”

Maybe even retrain them? One thing’s for sure, I don’t believe I’ll be here long enough to see any change. Brooklyn Beckham is cute – but he doesn’t deserve to see his own cooking show just because his parents are famous

Bobby Allyn

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