Brit fighting in Ukraine fears four other British fighters have died after being separated from the unit during heavy fighting

AN ex-soldier fighting in Ukraine has told how he fears four other Brits have been killed in action – after being separated from his unit amid heavy Russian bombing.

James Sutton, 34, from South Wales, made the journey Ukraine volunteered to fight against them last week Russians because he said he was “raised to stand up against bullies”.

James is pictured in the center with other volunteer fighters from the US, Sweden, Mexico, Lithuania and India


James is pictured in the center with other volunteer fighters from the US, Sweden, Mexico, Lithuania and IndiaCredit: Ukrainian Ground Forces
James during his army days


James during his army daysCredit: James Sutton

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Brave James told The Sun how he became separated during heavy fighting on the front lines outside the city and was forced to trek for 36 hours through a forest with another fighter, dodging Russian tanks and artillery to return to Kyiv.

“I was bombed to shit”

James said there were five Brits with him – but he hadn’t seen the other four in a while and wasn’t sure if they were “still alive”.

Speaking from the front lines today, James said: “It’s absolutely crazy over here. I’ve spent the last few days on the front line outside of Kyiv being bombed.

“Me and another got separated from our unit and had to hike through the forest for 36 hours to get back to Kyiv to avoid Russian tanks and artillery.

“I can’t say how many victims or deaths there are. But many from both sides.

Fears for hero fighters

“I was one of five Britons but I’m not sure if the others are still alive. I am back in Kyiv to get supplies before I go back to the front.”

But despite the heavy bombardment, James said, the Ukrainians are holding their ground and are even regaining control of areas.

“Fighting was intense with artillery, mortars and drones,” he said.

“Here medics try to treat the wounded with paracetamol.

“But we hold our ground and take the fight to the Russians. We’re regaining control of territories.

“Morale is still high and we will keep fighting.”

send supplies

James added that any supplies from the West would be helpful – especially morphine and night vision goggles.

Before embarking on his dangerous mission, James told The Sun he wanted to stand up for the people of Ukraine.

James said he decided to join the fight against Russia in Ukraine after Liz Truss said she would support British fighters – and contacted the Ukrainian embassy.

He bought his combat gear and equipment online and entered Ukraine via the Polish border last week.

Stand up to the bullies

He said: “I grew up in a family where I was always raised to stand up to my bullies. And even if I saw someone else being bullied but unable to stand up to them, it was my responsibility to help.

“I think that’s pretty much the situation we have in Ukraine at the moment. You are being harassed by Russia.

“I watched the situation between Russia and Ukraine escalate, but I just assumed that there would never be an invasion.

“As soon as this happened I just felt an enormous passion for the Ukrainian people just going about their normal everyday lives.

“The war is upon them. It’s not their choice. They don’t want him and have done nothing to provoke him.

“But it looks like it won’t stop until they give up their freedoms to Russia or Putin.

“I understand that the Europeans have to treat the invasion with kid gloves because it’s a powder keg situation, so I understand that they are going down the sanctions route.

“Ok, it’s not our country, but who says today it’s Ukraine and maybe tomorrow Britain.

“It’s been well over 12 years since I served in the Army, but I still have the experience, I have the knowledge and the military training.

“I want to do my bit to help.”

It comes as Ukraine warned Europe of being hit by a devastating radiation leak from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after Russian troops cut off the power.

in the meantime US intelligence chiefs have warned Putin against using mini-nuclear weapons in a warning to NATO if its “clusterf**k” invasion continues.

And one of the The world’s most fearsome sniper has arrived in Ukraine to volunteer to fight the Russians.

James says he went to Ukraine "stand up against bullies"


James says he went to Ukraine to ‘stand up against bullies’Credit: James Sutton
He served in the army 12 years ago


He served in the army 12 years agoCredit: James Sutton
He became a security dog ​​handler after leaving the armed forces


He became a security dog ​​handler after leaving the armed forcesCredit: James Sutton
Ukrainian troops hold anti-tank weapons in Kyiv today


Ukrainian troops hold anti-tank weapons in Kyiv todayCredit: AP

More info

The Ukraine Crisis Appeal will support people in areas currently affected by the crisis and those who may be affected by the crisis in the future.

In the unlikely event that the British Red Cross raises more money than can be reasonably and efficiently spent, any excess funds will be used to support it prepare for and respond to other humanitarian emergencies around the world.

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