BOOM Esports and T1 incur DPC point penalties for regional finals matches

BOOM Esports and T1, the finalists of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asia (SEA) 2021-22 region, received a lot of DPC points playing against the standings of the event. As the winner of the Regional Finals, BOOM Esports was supposed to earn 250 DPC points, however, it was fined 40% and received 150 points. T1, as the runner-up of the Regional Finals, received only 46.8 points instead of the original 130. BOOM Esports uses a single back-up, while T1 has to rely on two for the event.

BOOM Esports and T1 Face a Huge Deduction in DPC Points Earned in the Regional Finals

With a win at the League Regional Tour 1 bringing in 300 DPC points, BOOM Esports advanced to the Regional Finals with Souliya”Jacky“Khoomphetsavong Support Justine Ryan Evangelista”Tino“Grimaldo who has been moved to the inactive list.

In the midst of a stalemate, BOOM Esports emerged as the best team in the region once again, beating T1 to advance to the Regional Finals with 250 DPC points. However, according to Valve’s Rules, “Any team competing in a Main tournament with a sub team will incur a 40% penalty on DPC Points earned from that tournament” that means BOOM Esports only got 150 points, bringing the total score to 450.

Meanwhile, T1 finished third in Tour 1 of the League Area and earned 120 points. As with BOOM Esports, T1 also has a replacement in the safe lane with Kim”Gabbi“Villafuerte Santos replaces Nuengnara”23savage“Teeramahanon, who has been transferred to the inactive squad.

Unfortunately, the team’s mid laner is Karl”Karl“Matthew Baldovino had technical difficulties in game 4 against BOOM Esports in the grand final, and Polaris Esports ‘Mc Nicholson”Lelouch-“Villanueva filled in. Even though T1 lost the final, they still won 130 DPC points. However, the actual number of points added to its total was significantly reduced. The original team was deducted 40% of the 130 points. points for the replacement of 23savage (130-52 = 78) and then receive an additional 40% deduction on the 78 points for Karl’s replacement (78-31.2 = 46.8).As a result, T1 receives received a whopping 64% deduction of points earned in the Regional Finals.The team’s total score currently stands at 166.8.

Despite the drop in points, BOOM Esports continues to lead the DPC scoreboard with 450 points, followed by Gladiators and Team Liquid with 430 points each. On the other hand, T1 is 14th on the board.

BOOM Esports and T1 may have more DPC points deducted

BOOM Esports and T1 are likely to incur more penalties than points in the Regional Finals. According to Valve’s rules, “Any player deletion will incur a 15% penalty on all DPC Points earned at the time of deletion. There is no penalty for adding a new player.”

Therefore, if BOOM Esports makes an official announcement about JaCkky replacing Tino, the team will lose 15% of the total 450 points, bringing the total score to 382.5. Meanwhile, in the event that T1 officially replaces 23savage with Gabbi, it will lose 25.02 points, bringing the total score to 141.78.

It will be interesting to see what the final line-ups of the two teams look like for Tour 2 of DPC 2021-22, which kicks off in March.

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