Bill O’Reilly’s New Book About ISIS and Terrorism

One word ‘Killing’ in her name

With more “murder” books than Finned Fauci, Bill O’Reilly’s next book is “Kill the killers.”

Do not check the past, now of this one. Today. It’s about murder, rape, torture, beheading Americans. That is ISIS. It’s obnoxious. That is terrorism. It’s horrifying. I couldn’t sleep after reading it. His previous bestsellers are of the past. “Kill Lincoln,” “Kill Patton,” “Kill Jesus.” “This is what is happening The current. Continue to happen. Like maybe tomorrow.

O’Reilly: “The world needs to know the fierce war this country is waging against jihad The current. A family in my neighborhood lost two sons. Mothers need to know what America is doing on this issue The current. ”

The focus of the book is Kayla Mueller. Because she wanted to do good, she went to Syria. Has been caught. Kidnapped by ISIS. Our government never found her.

“I had to meet her parents. Following them to Arizona, I received a phone call from the father. I asked him if he cooperated. He knows who I am. He described the disappointing bureaucracy of our government. How could he not pass. Obama met with them but the FBI slams doors every now and then. No one understands don’t handle this in a more personal way. This haunted family was devastated as the loss of our 26 year old daughter was a tough conversation. Mom and Dad talk privately. The mother won’t see us. I request correspondence. Correspondence, e-mail. They gave me a copy. It’s messy. Hideous. Demand: $7.2 million ransom plus US ceasefire on IS positions.”

Kayla was raped. Kayla was killed.

How does one enter the consciousness of these parents and rekindle such pain?

“It’s not easy. I’m super sensitive. Not intrusive. They trusted me. Their daughter is a hero. People have forgotten her. We want her to be remembered forever.

Mueller's parents talk about Kayla at the 2020 Republican National Convention.
Mueller’s parents talk about Kayla at the 2020 Republican National Convention.
Republican National Convention / National Convention Handout REUTERS

“This book has been my toughest reporting job in 46 years. 2001 World Trade Center collapse. America follows in Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya, with al Qaeda, ISIS, Iran, bin Laden. Readers will feel our government’s protection better than ever. I interviewed national secretaries who knew what America was doing, verified what was told to me, found people hard to find.”

Kayla’s parents have read the book and are “grateful”.

St. Martin’s published “Killing the Killers” on May 3.

Global Unity

A Ukrainian, living in New York but family still in the old country: “Finally, the world is moving.”

That’s another Russian problem

The so-called grumbling against Hillary pays hackers hack into Trump’s computer and Fraud frame him for collusion with Russia? Some would call it “defamation”.

A filing from Special Counsel John Durham alleges that Hillary Clinton's campaign paid a company to hack into Donald Trump's servers.
A filing from Special Counsel John Durham alleges that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid a company to hack into Donald Trump’s servers.
Stephen Yang for the New York Post

Background: An attorney involved in Hillary’s 2016 campaign, accused of lying to the FBI, tells of a 2017 meeting between the attorney and the CIA. Allegedly he relayed concerns from another customer, a technology executive, about Internet traffic data from servers related to Trump’s business. Never accused Clinton of paying hackers to track Donald or break into his computer or defraud him for collusion with Russia.

According to legal experts, if she sued these nags, she would surely win.

Unruly rule

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founded Brigham Young University. Students are not allowed to date other people of the same sex. LGBTQ dating is prohibited. However, in parts of Utah, despite the official 1890 ruling against the practice of polygamy, there were still men who took more than one wife.

Speaking of higher education, one dean, after checking the profile of a recent college student, said: “I see you’ve never been to prison. Aren’t you interested in university activities? ”

Only in the United States of America, children, only in the United States of America. Bill O’Reilly’s New Book About ISIS and Terrorism


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