Biden’s pompous NATO summit will not help Ukraine at all

Want a reason why war criminal Vladimir Putin never invaded anything presidency of Donald Trump?

Simple: Russia had no idea how the Donald would react. And that was the beauty of Trump’s foreign policy philosophy — peace through strength, but with a dash of ambiguity. The world was a safe place for it.

Then there is President Joe Biden. He just can’t keep quiet – at least if he can remember what he was about to say.

In almost every case, Biden has told the world exactly what he would do when it comes to Russia and its war of aggression against Ukraine. He even told our mortal enemy China about Russia’s plans because for some reason he thought Beijing would help. Maybe just another senior moment?

So why is our dazed and confused Supreme Commander bothering to go to a NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday? He has already told us what he envisions Ukraine: absolutely nothing that will help Kyiv win its war of survival against the Kremlin.

In fact, the White House has already announced what will happen at the summit – and none of it will help a bit in the here and now. There will be “new sanctions” and a “crackdown on circumventing” existing sanctions, says national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

Many people want Putin to be fearful and resist another attack on Ukraine.

while more sanctions will certainly harm Putin in the long term, in the short term Ukrainians need support, which will now strengthen them on the battlefield.

Speaking of battlefields, does Biden even have any idea how he can actually help Ukraine keep Russia at bay? He has made it clear that he will not give Ukraine the MiG-29 fighters it has been begging for. Nor will he institute a no-fly zone to rid the skies of Russian bombers slaughtering innocent civilians.

While we can certainly debate the merits of these ideas, Biden is always just telling us what he’s doing habit do, and that only increases Russia’s hopes that it can force an agreement on the battlefield.

There is a clear path that Biden could map out that would lead to a summit worth reaching for, doubtful as it seems.

Ukrainian soldiers load Javelin anti-tank missiles
Ukrainian soldiers load Javelin anti-tank missiles supplied to Ukraine as part of United States security assistance.
Two Polish Luftwaffe Russians
President Biden will not establish a no-fly zone to ward off Russian bombers.

First, the President needs to separate short-term and long-term goals for Ukraine. In the coming days and weeks, Biden should not only continue to send anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and small arms weapons to Ukraine in ever-increasing numbers, but also increase intelligence sharing with Kyiv — real-time, if possible — to ensure Russia cannot destroy supply lines .

And this is where it gets even more challenging. Biden needs a long-term strategy to ensure Ukraine has the weapons to stop the Kremlin from attempting another attack once the Russian economy recovers or is sufficiently lubricated by Chinese aid.

Many experts have advocated sending Ukraine older M1 Abrams tanks and A-10 Warthogs that are in US military storage. Combine these with Harpoon anti-ship missiles and a modernized air force, including F-15EX fighters or even F-35s, and Putin would not think of ever attacking Ukraine again.

But Biden must be as steadfast to his NATO allies as Trump is that European defenses must be funded at levels that ensure this will be Russia’s last act of aggression. Germany has clearly increased its military spending and should be applauded, but Biden needs to realize that America cannot be Europe’s 911 force when a crisis hits. Why should America care about Europe’s security if Berlin, Paris or Brussels don’t issue the euros themselves?

Unfortunately none of this will happen. The world is being treated to globalist toasts to Biden’s new world order – whatever that means – and declarations that crow Nato Alliance is “united” and “iron”.

Ukraine war
A residential building destroyed by artillery attack in Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, March 14, 2022.
Armor of Task Force 4-64,
Many experts advocate sending older M1 Abrams tanks and A-10 Warthogs to Ukraine.
AFP/Getty Images

I think the collective free world is fed up with hearing that Biden and the West will defend every inch of NATO territory.

Tell us, Mr. President, what you have planned to ensure that Putin and his gang of thugs don’t just lose in Ukraine, but don’t invade other countries. Either Biden has no plan or he’s already forgotten what it was.

Harry J. Kazianis is Senior Director of the Center for the National Interest.

Twitter: @Grecianformula.

https://nypost.com/2022/03/23/bidens-ballyhooed-nato-summit-wont-do-a-thing-to-help-ukraine/ Biden’s pompous NATO summit will not help Ukraine at all


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