Best Downloads for Whitley LMG Warzone: Layer Setup, Attachments, Perks

The Whitley LMG is one of Warzone Season 2’s new weapons, and it delivers a serious punch. If you’re wondering how to use the new gun in Caldera, here’s our best Whitley LMG Warzone download, complete with Attachments and Perks.

Warzone season 2 here and it has been added to a bunch of new weapon into the mix, rocking the meta in the process. With KG M40a new option in the Assault Rifle class, players can earn Whitley, an LMG perfect for Caldera’s large open spaces.

Whitley LMG has the best damage per shot of all Vanguard’s light machine gun and has complete destruction at long range. Its bulky size might be annoying for some, but with the right setup, it can dominate Warzone Season 2.

Here’s our best Whitley LMG Warzone download, including the Top Attachments, Perks, and Equipment you should be using.


Whitley LMG in Warzone

Whitley is a brand new weapon in Warzone Season 2.

Download the best Whitley LMG for Warzone

  • Muzzle: Mercury Silencer
  • Bin: 28 ″ Gracey Mk. 9
  • Lower bin: Attack angle M1930
  • Optics: Slab Reflection
  • Share: CGC R4
  • Magazine: .30-06 120 Round box
  • Ammunition: Prolonged
  • Rear handle: Polymer Grip
  • Extra remuneration: Hardscope
  • Privilege 2: Fully loaded

As always with LMGs in game, our best Whitley LMG Warzone loading mode is geared towards limiting its recoil and turning it into a laser at long range. With this in mind, we started things off with Mercury Silencerthus, helps to control the horizontal recoil.

The 28 ″ Gracey Mk. 9, M1930 Strife Angled Foregrip and CGC R4 Also helps in the precision department, as well as increasing the bullet speed so those shots actually move. This comes at the expense of some movement speed and ADS, but as an LMG you’ll hardly notice the difference.

For Optics, we keep things simple with Slab Reflectionbut this can easily be swapped out for whichever scene suits you best.

Whitley LMG Vangaurd and Warzone

Whitley is the most powerful LMG Vanguard.

Ammo full of wisdom, .30-06 120 Round box load with Prolonged round is the best bet. Extra capacity is crucial in team-to-team fights, and enhanced bullet speed is a must for ranged weapons.

We also bet on Polymer Grip to sustain your shots for a long burst. You can also use a Leather Grip, but the latter is the perfect way to use Whitley’s monstrous magazines.

About the Perks you’ll want to get Hardscope to increase self-accuracy when first locking sight on an enemy, and Fully loaded to ensure an abundant supply of ammo.

Best Whitley LMG Warzone Rank

Players using Whitley LMG

LMGs aren’t the most portable, but they pack a punch.

  • Privilege 1: EOD
  • Privilege 2: Over necessary
  • Privilege 3: Amped
  • Causing death: Semtex
  • Tactic: Arouse

While the Whitley is a brand new gun on the Warzone roster, the tried and tested meta perks are still the best way to go. EOD provides vital protection from explosives, which can be a lifesaver if you are trapped in a small room.

Our Whitley construction is a monster within range, but Over necessary allows you to carry a spare SMG or Shotgun in close combat. Warzone can conjure up a lot of different scenarios, so it’s important that you’re ready for anything.

Amped simply allows you to switch secondary faster, which can happen if an opposing team falls on you.

Final, Semtex is a pointless lethal substance that is extremely simple to use and Arouse can increase health in the last second when the fight gets really intense.

How to unlock Whitley LMG in Warzone

All you have to do is reach out Level 31 insideWarzone Season 2 Battle Passthis is also one of the free levels available to all Warzone players.

Fortunately, unlock Whitley LMG super easy and just rewind you can earn enough XP to hit the right level.

Replacement for Whitley LMG Warzone loader

Warzone MG42

The MG42 is a perfect replacement for Whitley.

If Whitley doesn’t seem right for you, but you still want to stick with LMG, we recommend using MG42. MG was dropped from the meta a while back, but tweaks to other weapons of its kind have allowed it to reclaim the top spot.

What makes the MG42 so effective is its fast rate of fire and excellent kill time. It’s strong at all ranges and different builds can help it thrive in completely different situations.

The only real downside is the recoil, which is mostly vertical, but this can easily be tested after a few hours of practice and some Attachment to help lower it.

For Whitley, we recommend equipping Overkill and carrying SMGs like MP40 for a lighter option.

Here you have it! It was our best download of Whitley LMG Warzone. For more helpful tips, be sure to check out some of our other download guides for Warzone and Vanguard:

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