Best Bren Warzone Loadout: Class Setup, Attachments, Perks

ARs and SMGs are often the preferred categories for Warzone players when creating a loadout, but it might be time to head over to the LMG section and try out the deadly Bren.

The arrival of Warzone Season 2 certainly had a major impact on the meta as the new KG M40 and Whitley LMG were extensively tested by the community.

Still, as always, many LMGs have struggled to break into the meta, and only a single one has made it high pick rateand this is the bear.

This hard-hitting LMG may lack the mobility of some ARs and SMGs, but it certainly makes up for it in strength and is perfect for beaming down enemies on Caldera.

Of course, to get the most out of the weapon you’ll need to do a meta loadout, and luckily we’ve got you covered.


Best Bren Warzone Loadout

Bren Loadout Warzone

The Bren is the most selected LMG in Warzone.


  • Snout: MX silencer
  • Barrel: 705mm Royal of the Queen
  • Optics: SVT-40 PU scope 3-6x
  • Camp: Queens model 11 bra
  • underflow: m1941 hand stop
  • Magazine: 6.5 Sakura 40 round magazines
  • Ammo Type: Extended
  • Rear handle: polymer handle
  • Advantage: Firmly under control
  • Advantage2: Fully loaded

First, you want to equip those MX silencer and the 705mm Royal of the Queen Run to significantly increase projectile speed and overall weapon control. Not only that, the silencer keeps your shots off the radar, making it harder to pinpoint your position, which is key in Warzone.

After that, use the Queens model 11 bra, m1941 hand stopand polymer handle to reinforce the LMG’s strong recoil pattern and increase the weapon’s aim stability, making it easy to beam down enemies at a distance. These attachments paired with the SVT-40 PU scope 3-6x Optics make the Bren a specialized long-range weapon to be reckoned with.

When it comes to bullets, make sure you run Extended to maximize your damage, as well as the 6.5 Sakura 40 round magazines This allows you to take out multiple enemies without having to reload.

Finally, round off the loadout with the Fully loaded Perk so you never run out of ammo, as well Fast to make up for the Bren’s overwhelming lack of mobility.

Best Bren Warzone class

Bren class sets up Warzone

You must perform Overkill next to the Bren.

Perks & Equipment

When it comes to perks, our Bren setup runs with the typical meta select EOD to protect you from blast damage, as well as amputee to make it easier to switch to your SMG for close-range combat.

Next, you will definitely want to run overkill With this class, the Bren can strike at long range, but you’ll need your favorite SMG by your side when opponents pressure your position.

We recommend the MP40, as it’s the most popular SMG in the game right now, tearing down enemies at close range. If you’d rather run AR in the secondary slot, check out the new Vargo 52, a devastating Cold War weapon that thrives at mid-range.

Finally, end the class with a Semtex Clearing enemies from cover and a Stim for a health boost in the middle of a Skirmish.

How to unlock the Bren in Warzone

While the Bren might be a strong pick in the current meta, you’ll have to work hard to get your hands on the weapon.

To unlock the LMG, players reach level 53 of the Battle Pass, which is only two levels away from the maximum rank. Of course, this means that picking up the Bren isn’t an odd challenge, but it will take a few hours of grinding.

Alternative to the Bren Warzone loadout

Bruen LMG in modern warfare
Infinity Ward

The Bruen is a strong off-meta pick.

If the Bren isn’t your LMG style, it might be time to go back to the Modern Warfare days and create a Bruen MK9 setup. This deadly weapon deals serious damage at long range and is perfect for those who prefer to hold positions of power rather than charge aggressively.

So if you think the Bruen is a better option for you, check out ours special loadout guide for the weapon.

On the other hand, you can always try the STG44 assault rifle, another Vanguard weapon that has established itself as a top-tier mid-range weapon.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest Warzone and Vanguard news and updates, be sure to visit our Call of Duty page. Best Bren Warzone Loadout: Class Setup, Attachments, Perks

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