Automating Your Self-storage Facility: How It Helps You, And How To Do It?

Automation is increasingly covering more and more aspects of our personal and professional lives. Self-storage facilities are no exception to this phenomenon. The bringing into use of automatic equipment to a process is called Automation. Self-Storage facilities are looking to automate the different functions of the facility. It is so because Automation has some significant advantages.

It makes the process so much more efficient because it runs on algorithms. Unlike human employees, it does not need a break from time to time. The risk factor gets minimized since it is not human. It saves a lot of time and costs usually incurred during the whole process. It is advantageous to the company and consumers as it makes the whole process a lot more user-friendly. Therefore, it is pertinent to look into the advantages of Automation and how it can come about. 

Automation is Cheaper in the Long Run

Buying new technology may incur huge expenses initially. Moreover, if the technology is as advanced as Automation, it will be even more expensive. However, in the long run, the overall expenses come down. It is because the running cost of the technology would be much less than if it were to be performed by a human. The expenses such as salaries, insurance, and other perks and benefits are incurred when humans are employed.

There are some expenses that are incurred while using the automatic equipment like insurance of the machine and electricity; however, they are much cheaper than what is generally incurred in the case of human employees. The overall cost would also come down because owing to the fact that the efficiency of the operation will increase drastically.     

Automation makes the process efficient

 Since automatic equipment runs on algorithms, it performs with much more speed. The chances of mistakes also get minimalized. It is only a case when the technology starts malfunctioning that it may commit an error. Be it as it may, the malfunctioning and its resultant errors can also be easily mitigated if proper and regular maintenance is provided to the machinery. It will be better to buy automated machines where regular maintenance is also mentioned in the deal.

Helpful for Customers

In the age of liberalism and consumerism, the customer is supreme. By automating the access and other things, the customer can easily access the facilities. They will find it much easier to store and withdraw anything they want if the facilities are automated. However, the human element cannot be replaced by any automated machine. Therefore, it will be helpful for the customer if there is a human in the loop in case the customer does not feel satisfied with the automated mechanism. If the customer is satisfied with the automated service, it will ultimately result in increased profits for the business. 

Embracing the New

A simple logic of understanding why Automation will help the Self-Storage facility is the advantage of adopting new technologies. If you do not adopt the new technology, your Self-Storage facility will eventually run out of business. It is all about where the economy is going. The business needs to adapt to newer technology and every other dynamic that may affect business.

Moreover, the amount of data a business can have of its customers through Automation is immense. In a fast-changing world where data is arguably the new oil, the Self-storage businesses need to stay relevant in the market. For instance, if you have the data of a customer who had stored winter clothes during summers, an automatic message can be sent out to the customer next year. This is how your Self-Storage business will have the edge over another competitor. 


Automation has not only started impacting our personal but also professional lives. Some experts like Ray Kurzweil in his book ‘The Singularity is Near’ have also predicted that Automation will become part and parcel of everybody’s life; it is not a question of if but when. It is only a matter of time before this will happen. As a consequence, it will be in favor of Self-Storage facilities to embrace the technology of Automation as well.

Not only the cost will come down in the long run, but it will also help the customers. It will give the customer a sense of more privacy while dealing with storing and keeping a check on their belonging. However, the facilities should also keep in mind that the value of the human touch cannot be and should not be replaced. It should very well be a part of the loop. His will, in turn, help increase the profits of your Self-Storage facility.   

Huynh Nguyen

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