Australia’s hottest trucker makes $63,000 a year with OnlyFans

Dubbed the sexiest trucker alive, a blonde Australian woman makes $63,000 a year from a part-time job.

Blayze Williams from Adelaide, South Australia, has been turning heads at the wheel of some of the biggest trucks in the world, but started selling sexy content on OnlyFans in 2020.

A sideline that earns her a whopping $63,000 a year.

The 29-year-old has hit back after being bombarded with cruel body-shaming comments and discrimination from people inside and outside the trucking community, who she says want her out of the industry.

Blayze said: “Before I started OnlyFans I felt like I was admired a lot more, but now I get a lot of hate and body-shaming comments from people assuming I’m a prostitute.

“All I do is sell photos and videos to people who are interested in seeing them.

“I’m not out there to sleep or have sex with anyone, but even if I was, why should it matter?

“I’m a great trucker and I’m good at my job, so I’ve been doing this for a decade.

“But I got such negative comments, mostly from other women, telling me that I shouldn’t be a truck driver and that you can’t be sexy and drive trucks.

Williams drives her truck.
Blayze Williams made $63,000 a year on top of her job as a truck driver from her OnlyFans account.
Blayze Williams / Caters News

“I’ve even been told by people in the industry that they don’t want me to represent them. It feels like they’re trying to stop me from trucking, but that’s never going to happen.

“I absolutely love what I do and I will never stop. Getting income from OnlyFans means I can enjoy it and gives me more freedom to catch my breath and not overwork myself.

“I am constantly being shamed and discriminated against because of my appearance. Honestly, most hate comes from women, which is always so disappointing.

“Women need to support each other no matter what and not put each other down. We all deserve to be respected for who we are.”

Blayze rose to fame in 2018 after being dubbed the sexiest truck driver alive and revealing what it’s like to be a young woman on the road.

broke her leg

However, due to ongoing complications from a broken leg in 2018, she was forced to stop driving trucks in February 2020 to focus on her health and recovery.

With no steady income, Blayze said she had no idea how she was going to survive — until her famous friend, Heidi Lavansuggested she try OnlyFans after she had great success with the site.

Since then, she’s been making between $4,000 and $6,300 a month selling sexy photos of herself to her fans.

Blayze Williams works on the exterior of her truck.
Williams has been driving trucks for a decade.
Blayze Williams / CATERS NEWS

Blayze, who used to make $34,000 a year from trucks, said, “I was driving trucks 10-13 hours a day, but then I broke my leg and it ended up in a 16-month injury because it wasn’t healing properly.

“I have ongoing leg complications. I had to stop working and was at a point financially where I didn’t really know what was going to happen.

“Then I spoke to my friend Heidi Lavon, who is now a famous internet personality, and she suggested I give it a try.

“But at the time I thought it was just for pornstars who wanted to show nudity and make sex videos, so I said it wasn’t really for me.

Williams poses in her truck and in her Onlyfans account.
Williams’ two jobs have earned her the title of the sexiest trucker in the world.
Blayze Williams / CATERS NEWS

“Then I learned that I can dictate my content however I want, so I only do hinted nudes and the occasional topless pic for a hefty price tag.

“This allows me to drive a truck part-time, which I enjoy a lot more, while also making a bigger income from OnlyFans.”

Will not abandon the transport

Although Blayze has made a lot of money from OnlyFans content, he said he could never quite give up driving trucks and is still passionate about it.

She said: “The passion for truck driving is part of me and will never go away.

“Doing OnlyFans gave me the time, so just take a breath and organize my life better.

“There’s a big misconception about it because people think it’s just porn. But it can be anything you want.

“There are even fitness guides and musicians selling their lessons. It is wonderful.”

Blayze Williams poses in a dress next to her truck.
Williams has said truck drivers have told her they don’t want her to represent the industry.
Blayze Williams / CATERS NEWS

actress, glamor model, tick tock and youtube Sensation Blayze said she’s received a ton of intrigued looks and curious comments because of her gender.

But while she didn’t fit the typical trucker stereotype, she said that overall it was a welcoming work environment and she was easily accepted by her male colleagues.

Blayze has also worked to break down barriers in the heavily male-dominated industry by encouraging more women to try, with studies showing just three in 100 Australian truck drivers are women.

She added: “I’ve always liked being different, so being a truck driver came naturally to me. I’ve always dressed a bit like a barbie, but I feel like one of the boys.

“You have to have tough skin. A lot of the guys can be a bit rude so this isn’t the place for you if you’re easily offended.

“But I haven’t encountered many creeps in my career. Overall all were pretty good.

“More girls should give him a chance. The hours can be long, but there is a lot of money to be made and a lot of fun.”

This story originally appeared on The sun and is reproduced here with permission. Australia’s hottest trucker makes $63,000 a year with OnlyFans


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