Any references to the original trilogy in the new trailer

Latest entry in love Matrix series, Lana Wachowski‘NS Matrix Recovery, is approaching rapidly and just released a new trailer provides the most comprehensive overview of what to expect. This is true both literally and thematically as it shows that the latest film has left a lot of the past in mind. It features a bunch of callbacks and references to the original series that put them in conversation with the new story.

It all brings up some pretty interesting new implications for where the story might go and what it would say about its origins. There’s a lot to unpack as it looks like the story will reflect past time loops and how it will unravel in the present.

RELATED: ‘Matrix’ is coming to IMAX screens just in time for ‘revival’Whether you’re familiar with the series or not, there’s no better time than now to break down all that the new trailer has to offer with what it could possibly mean. However, if you haven’t seen the original series, this paragraph may contain some discussion of the details of the story so far.

[Spoiler Alert: The following contains some spoilers for the original Matrix trilogy.]

Trinity lost in time

The first moment where we get a glimpse of the past comes early, within the first ten seconds of the trailer. As New Morpheus of the movie, played mysteriously by an outstanding person Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, a monologue about how people are “all trapped inside these weird repeating loops,” we see our first look at such a loop.


We see Neo (Keanu Reeves) look at Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) out of a coffee shop, which he seems to have done in this new world without showering with a rubber hat on his head. The two exchanged a look of recognition as she left while looking back at him. The trailer then cuts to a scene from the second season Matrix movie, Reload Matrix.

The scene it shoots back is an important one, especially when looking back at the dialogue the two shared. It shows up early in the second movie when Neo and Trinity can have a moment alone in the elevator after a dangerous mission. The two lovingly kissed each other until they were interrupted by the elevator doors opening and a series of people waiting for Neo.

They are seeking salvation from him, believing him to be the One who can heal and support those they love who are suffering. A woman asks him to watch over her son Jacob. Neo was silent before saying he would try, clearly overwhelmed by what was being asked of him. When Trinity was about to leave, he turned to her and asked her to wait.

Trinity says, not without tact, that “it’s okay, they need you.” Neo responded by saying “I need you.” Trinity then says “I know, there’s time” before breaking out of the frame to leave Neo with all the people looking for his support.

This reference in the new trailer carries a lot of weight as it reiterates the time when Neo went missing and uncertain about the future. In both cases, he sees Trinity as a source of strength and guidance. It seems that the “time” she spoke of in that moment is here now, when she will have to help him find his way forward again.

Agent threatens Smith

Soon after, we see another familiar face, although this one is much less welcoming. The trailer shows a glimpse of Jonathan GroffThe slimy new villain who monologues while looking out over the city.

“Billions of people are living their lives…forgotten.”

He’s not the first to say this. In fact, this line was first heard in Hugo Weaving’scary registration when he plays Agent Smith. He gave this monologue for the first time Matrix in which he goes on to explain the origin of the world and how it came to control civilization more broadly.

Smith is coldly calculating and completely in control, like Groff now seems to be playing his character. The trailer cuts back to that monologue with Weaving’s mouth in sync with what could be his latest iteration.

It was a terrifying moment to recall, which made all the more serious because Smith said it just as he was about to be tortured and interrogated. Laurence FishburneMorpheus who was captured. Looks like Neo is in the same predicament now.

Lips are still closed

matrix revived screen capture lip sealing

The next visual reference comes as Neo sits across from this newest foe in a meeting ostensibly unaware of the danger. However, a flash of uncertainty crossed his face that indicated he knew something was wrong.

Sure enough, the trailer cuts back to the scene where Neo is interrogated by Agent Smith in an isolated room at the beginning of the first movie. In that scene, Neo resists Smith’s methods and asks him to make a phone call.

In response, Smith asked a simple question “what good is a phone call if you can’t speak?” Neo’s mouth then began to close, the skin preventing him from uttering a word. Then he jumped up from the table, horrified at what was happening.

The latest trailer offers a glimpse of the moment before showing how Groff’s character’s mouth is sealed in the same way that Neo’s. He seemed less frightened than Neo before, becoming more confused as he moved his jaw back and forth as if annoyed by the inconvenience.

Blue pill or red pill

matrix respawn screen shot red pill blue pill

The next moment is the iconic scene where old Morpheus first explains the real nature of Neo to him in the first movie. The trailer shows the scene projected onto the screen in an exact replica of the room where he first took the leap of faith that was bestowed upon him by taking the red pill.

It shows the moment Morpheus hands the pills to Neo, giving him the choice to return to his sleeping life or open his eyes to the essence of reality around him.

In this context, the trailer shows the new Morpheus playing the game for Neo. He’s watching a movie of his own back. Looks like a similar offer is now being launched again with the line “it’s time for you to show us what’s real.”

Waking up from a dream

After this offer was made to him, Neo is said to be reaching out his hand towards a mirror. The trailer then hooks into the scene from the first movie, where he does the same thing and wakes up from his reality.

In the original movie, he reached out with two fingers and touched the mirror, which suddenly created pressure. He pushed in and pulled back, the mirror clinging to his fingers.

While he’s doing this in the first season, old Morpheus begins to ask him questions about his dreams and what he knows about the world from those experiences.

“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you’re sure is real? What if you can’t wake up from that dream? How do you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? ”

Neo was initially skeptical of what was going on and the mirror began consuming his entire body. In the first movie, his new companions have to pull him out before he’s completely replaced. He then wakes up in a crate to find himself plugged into a variety of pipes and countless others trapped there right next to him.

Anchor stared in awe at how colossal these structures were, with it raging relentlessly above and below him. It was a moment of bodily horror and existential dread when all the tubes were removed. He is thrown out of the crate, where he is later rescued by Morpheus and the others.

In the trailer, after Neo re-enacts this moment when he hits the mirror, we see brief moments in memory of the crate he appeared in in the first movie. He was awake again, opening his eyes in the bright light with more awareness and more hair than the first time.

Mr. Anderson

The next important reference comes when Groff’s character screams over and over the name Agent Smith used to refer to Neo: Mr. Anderson.

It’s a very simple name but still quite scary because it marks the moment when you know Neo will have to confront his sworn enemy. The new trailer shows the moment when he screams in the rain, with Weaving shouting the same line in a similar setting.

It seems that history, or at least what we think of as history, is actually repeating itself for Neo. He will again have to confront the past that is showing in the present.

‘I still know Kung Fu’

Screenshot of resurrecting the matrix I still know kung fu

You guessed it, the trailer’s final reference is that Neo still remembers his training and his most iconic line.

The line “I know kung fu” is one of the classics from the original movie and comes as he prepares to fight against all the evil forces in the Matrix. Basically, he spent hours learning through a device plugged into his brain and now, the memory of his training is still etched in his mind.

The trailer shows Neo saying the line after a particularly notable fight scene at the end. It is delivered by Reeves with an appropriate level of humor that predicts that he knows his own past and what to expect in his own future.

You can check out the full trailer below, then watch the movie when it’s released in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22.

IMAX poster ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ recreates Neo and Trinity

Neo and Trinity are back together in the Matrix.

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