An Overview of the OSRS Blast Furnace Minigame

The Blast Furnace is a popular minigame in Keldagrim because it reduces coal requirements, especially for those that require the material in bulk. There are worlds where you can do this minigame solo and those where you’ll need to work together with others. There’s also a bit of a fee to do the minigame, so you might have to farm or buy OSRS gold if you need it.

The Basics: Getting There

Since it’s in Keldagrim, you must have access to it. This is obtained by starting the quest ‘The Giant Dwarf’. Once you’ve visited the town, you can return by minecart from the Dwarven Mines, or from the Grand Exchange. Another alternative way is to use the Grouping Teleport to go directly to the Blast Furnace.

Requirements for the OSRS Blast Furnace Minigame

You’ll need to have at least 60 Smithing, and the skill has to be unboosted. With a lower than 60 level, there’s a fee to use the furnace for 10 minutes. This usually costs 2,500 coins but can be lowered to 1,250 by equipping the Ring of Charos (a) and going through all of the Blast Furnace Foreman’s dialogue.

You’ll also need some Ice Gloves or a Bucket of Water to cool down the bars as soon as they roll out. It’s optional though, you can just wait for them to cool down before taking them.

If you’re in a world where you’ll be helped by Dumpy, Stumpy, Pumpy, Numpty, and Thumpy, the fees are higher, for a total of 72,000 gold per hour. Otherwise, the fees are as mentioned above, but you’ll work together with other players.

Equipment and OSRS Items to Bring

Weight-reducing equipment are the most recommended items to bring. While a Graceful Set is good, the Spottier Cape and Boots of Lightness add 1kg of inventory weight. That means you can carry 1kg more ores and bars than when you’re wearing a full Graceful Set. You should also bring coins to pay the foreman (if needed), some stamina potions, and a Ring of Endurance.

The recommended inventory is a Bucket of Water, a Coal Bag, and 26 ores. You can add one more ore (exchanged with the bucket) if you use Ice Gloves instead. Remember to withdraw some gold along with the ore if you need it!

OSRS Blast Furnace Mechanics

The basic process of the minigame is to place coal and/or ore on the conveyor belt, cool down smelted the bars, and collect the bars. Rinse and repeat and many time as you’d like. Use your bucket, Ice Gloves, or wait to cool the bars before collecting them.

Again, with a hefty fee, you can be helped by dwarves, boosting experience gained by letting you smelt more. Other players can be prone to mistakes or miss something, making the process a bit slower. That’s the tradeoff between the two methods; one is a tad expensive, while the other is pront to error.

Additional Notes

Keep your stock of coal topped up, especially if you’re smelting something that needs it. The requirements may be reduced, but the sheer amount you can smelt can gobble up your stock of coal. You can queue up 28 primary ores (Mithril, Adamantite, Runite, Gold) before the dispenser gets full. If you don’t grab the bars from the dispenser, the furnace won’t let you queue up more ores, and you get only a portion of the XP.

Make sure to always pair coal with an ore. If you get disconnected or quit while only coal is on the belt, it will disappear when you reconnect. When paired with ore, it will still be there when you return. While switching the Goldsmith Gauntlets for Ice Gloves, switch only when the process is over. Otherwise, you’ll only get a portion of the XP instead of the full 1517.

Ordan has some OSRS items for sale, namely ores you can buy if you run out. Of course, you’ll need additional gold coins in your inventory if you’re going to buy ores from him. 

There are several methods to using the Blast Furnace that will make your runs more efficient. Search them up for a faster leveling experience using the minigame.


The Blast Furnace can be a great leveling method for Smithing. With the right ores, it can be profitable as well. Yes, you can earn currency this way without having to resort to buying OSRS gold. Also, it can happen even when using the worlds where you have to spend 72k gold per hour for the dwarves’ help.

Have fun using the Blast Furnace to smelt ore!

Huynh Nguyen

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