America is still paying the price for Hillary Clinton’s treason

However this era of raging polarization, crime, and violence ends, it will be left to historians to decipher how America got so far off course. Instead of building on our unprecedented prosperity and our role as the world’s ultimate superpower, we have declared war on one another – culturally, politically and socially. Even the founders of our nation are not spared.

The reasons become clearer with hindsight, but it’s hard to believe that the 2016 presidential campaign won’t be seen as a turning point. Our move toward disunity didn’t start then, but it certainly picked up momentum and sharpness during and after Donald Trump’s election.

Two recent developments illustrate how this campaign remains a radioactive hotspot. Since both developments focus on Hillary Clinton, they underscore her role and the depth of her venality.

Just when you think you’ve seen her worst, evidence emerges that she was even more duplicitous than we thought.

The first evidence came in a little-noticed decision by the Federal Electoral Commission. She decided on a complaint from the Coolidge Reagan Foundation Clinton and the Democratic National Committee violated federal law by hiding how they funded the heinous Christopher Steele dossier, perhaps the most destructive disinformation document in the history of the United States.

The FEC agreed to the complaint, ruling that Clinton and the DNC, which it effectively controlled, were merely hiding their payments to Steele as “legal fees” without mentioning him or his work. In fact, the money was funneled through a law firm, Perkins Coie, who then hired the swab dealers at FusionGPS. who hired Steele a former British spy.

The shifts and false claim about legal fees were meant to put Clinton and Steele at a distance because knowing the truth would have destroyed their campaign. Although her attorneys and the DNC argued they did nothing wrong, they agreed not to contest the findings and quietly paid fines totaling $113,000.

The Federal Elections Commission fined Clinton and the DNC for funding the infamous Christopher Steele dossier.
The Federal Elections Commission fined Clinton and the DNC for funding the infamous Christopher Steele dossier.
Photo by TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

Press looks different

If you’re new to this effective admission of funding the dirtiest trick in presidential politics, don’t blame yourself. Much media ignored or downplayed the finding and Clinton’s fine, saying the problem was just “misreporting” or “mislabeling” of the Steele payments.

Because the truth would also make her look guilty. Reporting on the importance of the electoral commission would force the Dems’ propaganda arm to admit its own guilt.

Of treat the Steele dossier as if it were scriptureor at least believable, the media promoted Clinton’s campaign to paint Trump as the Russian’s henchman.

Of course, the FBI was also complicit, using the dossier as a crutch to justify its unwarranted spying on a presidential campaign. One remaining question is, was the FBI, led by Jim Comey, the dumbest of all time or the most corruptible?

Special Counsel John Durham is investigating Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI.
Special Counsel John Durham is investigating Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI.
Perkins Coie

Probably both, but whatever the answer, J. Edgar Hoover can finally rest in peace.

The second recent development concerns a new court filing by Special Counsel John Durham on the Michael Sussmann casea Clinton attorney and campaign manager accused of lying to the FBI in 2016. His alleged role extends the annals of deception by showing that Clinton’s team didn’t just rely on Steele’s collection of lies, lies, and more lies.

Perhaps doubtful that even among his FBI friends and media contacts, Steele could make up for her unpopularity, Clinton funded a bookend for his dossier with another invention.

In this second scam, Sussmann, a tech executive, and the same lubricant dealers tried to sell the FBI a fabricated story about a Trump computer secretly communicating with a Russian bank.

Durham calls the effort a “joint venture” by the conspirators, a term that conveys a sense of the plot and the players. There wasn’t an ounce of truth to support the computer nonsense, and although the FBI saw through the flimsy claim, many media figures naturally fell for it.

They managed to find in this particular lie a corroborating detail of the larger lie Steele was spreading — that Trump was a parasite on Vladimir Putin and was collaborating with him to steal the election.

crimes against democracy

The case is a criminal one because Durham has accused Sussmann of lying by saying he wasn’t representing clients when he tried to get a senior agency official on the computer link. In fact, Sussmann represented the Clinton campaign, which he billed for the meeting, and the tech exec identified as Rodney Joffe.

Although Sussmann pleaded not guilty, Durham released a text message in which Sussmann specifically tells the FBI that he does not represent clients.

His trial, scheduled for next month, has the potential to make a breakthrough Durham’s longstanding efforts to expose extensive misconduct by Clinton and the federal government against the Trump campaign.

Durham characterized Sussmann's alleged actions as a "joint venture” of the conspirators.
Durham referred to Sussmann’s alleged actions as a “joint venture” by the conspirators.
Department of Justice via AP, file

Based on his court filings, the prosecutor appears planning to tie Sussmann’s efforts to the dossier, in part because of the role his company, Perkins Coie, played in both scams. Additionally, Durham said Sussmann met with Steele and FusionGPS at Perkins Coie’s offices and raised the possibility that Steele might testify.

Even before a verdict, the case moves responsibility closer to where it ultimately belongs — in Clinton’s lap. Whether Durham will ever be able to show her fingerprints in criminal behavior is the great unknown, but in a way it’s also beside the point.

We already know with 100 percent certainty that she is guilty of inciting the false allegations of Russian collusion that continue to shape our culture and politics. Though Trump was hardly a model president, the widespread claim by her party and the media that he was an illegitimate president wasn’t just dirty politics. It was a nuclear attack on the spirit that has always held our nation together, however weak.

The lies about Trump and Russian collusion have polarized the US more.
The lies about Trump and Russian collusion have polarized the US more.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Clinton lost the election and the investigation of Robert Mueller’s special counsel was inconclusive, but the collusion narrative lives on among key elements of the political left. Judging by the tumultuous years since, many of those who subscribe to her lie are using her as license to try to destroy America.

Tragically, they have a lot of success.

Do the crime, take your time

Reader Steve Lounsberry, who fears the violence in New York is too ingrained for even halfway action to reverse, offers what he admits is a “draconian” solution. He writes: “If you possess an illegal weapon –

5 years in prison. Use an illegal weapon to commit a crime – 10 years. Shoot someone in commission of a crime – 20 years. Kill someone in commission of a felony – life without parole.”

He says “penalties should be mandatory without trial,” adding, “I bet victims and family members would like the idea.”

Shockingly familiar with the bad Cuo days

In the midst of a COVID outbreakThe Wall Street Journal reports from Hong Kong that “according to members of several families, at least 20 patients have died at Donghai Elderly Care Hospital in recent weeks.”

Has anyone seen Andrew Cuomo lately?

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