All Warzone Rebirth Island keycard locations and vault rewards

The Rebirth Reinforced event introduced three new keycards in different locations in Warzone, which you can use to unlock specific vaults. Check out our guide to learn everything you need to know about these new keycards in Season 2 Reloaded.

The release of the Rebirth Reinforced event in Warzone Season 2 Midseason Update has introduced several challenges for you to complete. However, there are a few hidden treasures that you can find in various locations around the map, hidden in safes and unlocked by keycards.

These newly released keycards can unlock specific vaults in the revamped Stronghold. The three keycards currently available in the game are Vikhor’s keycard, the Forgotten keycard, and the Perseus keycard. Read on to find out where to find each of these keycards the game and how to redeem them for rewards.


Vikhor's key card in Call of Duty Warzone

Vikhor’s Keycard on a table in the HQ bunker in Warzone.

Vikhor’s keycard location in Warzone

This is arguably the most difficult keycard to redeem in Warzone. Vikhor’s key card automatically disappears after 90-120 seconds a game start.

That means you’ll have to hurry if you’re trying to find that particular keycard. Follow these steps to find Vikhor’s keycard in Warzone:

  1. Go to the headquarters right after jumping off the plane.
  2. Once inside the headquarters building, you need to go through the door that leads to the building underground bunker.
  3. You will find the key card on the table in the bunker.

In case you haven’t already gotten the Red Room weapon blueprint, you can find it in the bunker as well. When you redeem this card, you get a loadout drop marker and $8000.

The location of the forgotten key card in Warzone

The Forgotten Keycard is fairly easy to collect in Warzone. Follow these steps to find it:

  1. Go to the bioweapons labs on the island of rebirth.
  2. Once inside the building you need to go down and search inside shower rooms.
  3. You’ll find the forgotten key card in one of the rooms with a broken shower, along with several wads of cash lying around.

However, the real trouble begins after collecting the keycard. Since the Bioweapon Labs are at the other end of the map from Stronghold, you’ll need to move across the entire map to unlock each vault.

We recommend finding a helicopter to make this trip as soon as possible. If you unlock this vault you will get Specialist Bonus Field Upgrades, a Loadout drop markerand a ammo box.

The location of the Perseus key card in Warzone

The Perseus Keycard is probably the easiest to collect and redeem. Follow these steps to find this card in Warzone:

  1. Go to the building that is south of the Nova 6 lab.
  2. Once inside the building, you need to search the shelves.
  3. The key card is on a shelf waiting to be picked up.

Once collected, you can use any vehicle to get to the Stronghold and unlock the specific keycard for rewards. When you redeem this key card, you will receive one Advanced UAV and $10,000.

The vault in the Stronghold in Call of Duty Warzone

You can redeem all three keycards in the vault in Warzone.

How to redeem key cards in Warzone

You can only redeem your keycards in the vault of the revamped Stronghold POI. The vault is inside the tower-like building at the POI. However, you should enter the building through the back door if you’re trying to get to the vaults as quickly as possible.

You’ll find three sets of vaults in this room, but only three specific vaults can be unlocked on the lot. Also, you can only unlock the safes for which you have the key cards. While they can carry multiple keycards at the same time, we don’t recommend it due to the distance between them and the tricky mechanics of Vikhor’s keycard disappearing.

So there you have it, these are all the keycard locations in Warzone that you need to know about.

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