AdmiralBahroo apologizes as Bunny-Ayu drama links VTuber to allegations of harassment

Twitch streamer ‘AdmiralBahroo’ has issued an apology after being linked to allegations by numerous other VTubers about “harassment, manipulation and abuse” of community figure Bunny Ayu. He abruptly ended his 19-day subathon after the claims came to light.

On March 16th, the popular independent VTuber Bunny_GIF ⁠— also known as Bunny Ayu ⁠— ⁠ was releasedreleased a statement on Twitter Ask “anyone with past animosity towards me” to come forward and have “tough talks.”

What the VTuber didn’t anticipate were dozens of people coming out with claims of “harassment, manipulation, and abuse” that stretched back years before she was a VTuber.

LaynaLazar, who worked with Bunny to design a sales figure, claims Bunny failed in her business obligations and then spoke to other YouTubers behind her back: “Bunny has told a large majority of the people who are constantly after me and actively trying to sabotage me with slander that I cheated them out of money.”

It didn’t stop there, as the creators like it I am Sinnocent, Meowri, Bunny’s former partner Susu, Sam “Strippin” Thorneand more shared their own experiences with the content creator.

It’s the latest to catch the popular Twitch streamer cranking up VTuber AdmiralBahroo. After taking a hiatus and returning to streaming following the cancellation of Bunny’s character, Layna heard claims that Bahroo also defamed her behind her back.

“I was so scared of making new friends and interacting with anyone who was in contact with Bahroo or Bunny,” she said.

“Turns out my insecurities were correct, he had reached out to a close friend of mine claiming I was as bad as Arcadum [a disgraced streamer who had numerous sexual harassment allegations against him]claimed I was a pathological liar and said I would DM everyone I work with or interact with.

“Not only has [Bunny] He’s never left me alone in the VTuber community, Bahroo is doing the same now, but he’s reaching greater heights to take me with him in every way he can.”

Admiral Bahro VTuber
Twitter: Admiral Bahroo

AdmiralBahroo (the panda) successfully switched to VTubing in 2021.

Bahroo initially attacked Layna’s claims, asking not to be “pulled into your petty bickering.” However, Layna’s claims were backed up by Strippin, who said he was the close friend who was referenced.

“I acted privately, and after finally speaking to Layna, it seemed obvious that Bahroo was acting with or on Bunny’s behalf to severely damage my first impression of Layna.” he said.

He shared a DM he had with Bahroo on January 25, in which Bahroo said: “[Layna] is a pathological liar and ruined my boyfriend’s life. She literally DMs every person she is [collabs with]…this is a next level Major Character Syndrome to rival that of Arcadum.”

This forced Bahroo to issue his own statement, apologizing to Layna, other victims, and Strippin.

“I was given a version of you and just took it at face value without saying a word about it. I can admit that, even if I had to be dragged out to see it.” he said of Layna. “I am sincerely sorry and will do my best to speak to others with a little more care.”

He also admitted that he had to recognize that the influence of his platform ⁠ – which consists of more than 850,000 followers on Twitch ⁠ – can hurt smaller creators.

“I have a big platform and today I really had to have a conversation with myself that I can wrongly influence it on others as well. Layna got a lot of hate from me for being publicly hostile towards her without first talking to my community about her.”

Bahroo, who was in a subathon for 19 days, ended his stream immediately after Strippin’s Twitlonger and offered refunds to fans who donated during that time.

However, he plans to continue streaming despite the allegations.

“I still plan on streaming as usual. It’s my routine at this point in life. I really just want to be a nicer person to people. I realize that privately I’m very cold and I have to fix that.

Bunny Ayu responded to the allegations on April 18She admitted she was “sassy and aggressive,” but said “a lot of things were taken out of context.”

“I know what I did wrong, I’m not perfect and I’ve not only grown at this event but at past events as well. I’m still open to conversations with anyone I’ve caused problems with.” AdmiralBahroo apologizes as Bunny-Ayu drama links VTuber to allegations of harassment

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