9 best winter horror movies can’t shine

The frigid climate can be one of the best settings for a horror movie. You can’t run away from danger for too long with freezing temperatures. Add to that the snow and ice, and you’re most likely stuck indoors. Depending on your company, it can be a life-or-death struggle for survival.

Kubrick classic horror 1980 The Shining is full of cabin fevers and ghosts, but there’s a lot more going on during the night. From Iceland, Norway, and even the great tundra that is Antarctica, movie monsters have claimed these locations. The Overlook Hotel is scary but it’s not the only thing to create fear. If you find yourself trapped indoors during the winter months, choose one of these to experience a chilling-out horror.

1. Misery (1990)

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A cozy shelter in the woods in winter seems like an ideal shelter. Except when you’re the author Paul Sheldon (James Caan) and you’re stuck with a raving fan. Overall, Annie Wilkes is a quirky teddy bear. But there’s a reason why the acting legend Kathy Bates won an Oscar for her performance. Annie is a complex villain, one who is as dangerous to herself as she is to others. Don’t embarrass her or you’ll get a lesson in what hobble which means always playing soft classical music to ease its pain.


2. Rift (2017)


In this quirky Icelandic thriller, nothing is what it seems. When ex-boyfriends, Gunnar and Einar, reunite in an isolated home, post-breakup issues can be the least of their worries as they begin to believe someone or something is lurking outside. . Then again, maybe their breakup had something to do with macabre developments. The fear of the jump is few and far between in this one. Manager Erlingur Thoroddsen, in his second feature film, chose to achieve a sense of horror, through sound and visual design. Iceland is a land of beautiful scenery and from this movie it might make you want to travel. But it can also leave you uncertain about what might be hidden in the abandoned ruins found across the land and where the dreaded uncertainty is. Rift success.

3. The Lodge (2019)

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Austrian director duo, Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, their names are known to horror fans for the first time Good night, Mom. In their English debut, The Lodge retain some of their remarkable elements. There are children with shady morals and a mother figure who can’t contain them. Actress Riley Keough plays a stepmother who is about to become a heartbroken bearer from the past who seems to be returning with vengeance to the present. And as the film’s title suggests, Keough is trapped in an icy cabin with her future stepchildren. No one grows closer, they just grow further apart. Set during the Christmas holidays, this is a movie that feels bad for the holiday yuletide that is both awe-inspiring and atmospheric.

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4. 30 days and nights (2007)


Welcome to Barrow, Alaska, one of the most northern places in the world. Being stuck in a single, restricted location is one thing but in this movie an entire community has access to their town and it doesn’t benefit them at all. In the rapidly approaching polar night, the inhabitants will not have sun for a month. That benefits an evil vampire clan, who will have free domination and plenty of meals to choose from. It began as a failed pitch to a movie that found new life as a manga series. Finally, it also has a chance to make it to the big screen, with various metrics reject their initial refusal, one of the film’s producers.

5. The Children (2008)


Sure, zombies are scary but what if an undetected and inexplicably infected child turns them into ruthless killers? A separate winter retreat with extended family gatherings of brothers, sisters and cousins. But once anything it takes over the kids, there’s no excuse for them. And parents who have survived initial attacks are forced to consider, how do you protect yourself from your kids? There is no easy answer.

6. Cold Prey (2006)


In this Norwegian murder movie, a group of friends take shelter in a closed ski resort to escape a storm. Unsurprisingly, snowfall outdoors was the least of their worries. There was a killer, wonderfully known as the Man of the Mountain, who set out to hunt them down. It’s a welcome entry for the killer branch, released not long ago when See Franchising has increased in the United States. With a lovable cast, a menacing killer, and a fantastic winter setting, Cold Prey should not be a lost gem.

7. Frozen (2010)


For the first-time and professional skiers out there, have you ever stopped and wondered what your predicament would be if a booster seat stopped midway? Intensify the cold and drag a pack of wolves beneath you, then you’ll have frozen. Due to a bad mistake, three skiers became trapped in said booster seat when a ski resort closed for the night. With the temperature plummeting and the teething wolves snarling, the situation was unpleasant and dire. You will feel so grateful to have watched it by the bright fireplace or warm fireplace.

8. The Thing (1982)


Redo is usually suck. But the iconic director John Carpenter find a way to not just redo Thing from another world success; he made a film that stood the test of time. It hit the box office just before, years later, garnering admiration. Antarctica becomes zero for a shape-shifting “thing” that causes paranoia in a research group. If someone could be a monster, who would believe it? It became a much-loved cult classic, filled with great tidbits, such as why actors Keith David Always wear gloves on screen. It’s not simply because his character is in an icy climate. It was mainly to cover one of David’s arms due to injury.

9. Orphan (2009)

Isabelle Fuhrman in Orphan
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With a prequel in the works, maybe it’s time to revisit this gem of the horror genre “scary children”. As Esther, the young actress Isabelle Fuhrman quickly established herself as a fearsome icon thanks to her ability to subtly perform when needed, before unleashing all sorts of naked chaos. There’s a reason kids create great characters not to be in awe. They are still learning about morality and meanness is not a positive trait. But pushed to the maximum, what if not teaching them right and wrong? An even more horrifying thought: what if that strange child held a very dark secret, they would do whatever it took to keep it a secret.

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