25 Famous People Born Under The Earth Sign

The sun storms through star sign from bull from April 20th to May 20th.

People born under this zodiac sign tend to be sensual, hardworking and strong. They put everything they have into what they believe in and into their relationships. While some may find her stubborn, that’s not the whole truth.

The bull has the greatest stamina of all zodiac signs and is extremely persistent. Nothing can stop them if they put their minds to something. In this regard, Taurus is both the unstoppable force and the immovable object!

Ruled by Venus, they are often drawn to beauty and bring harmony to the world. They tend to have strong creative abilities and are also very romantic. Taurus is a fixed Earth signs and embodies the ripe fullness of spring.

Here is our list of famous Taurus stars!

queen elizabeth

As the ultimate matriarch Within the royal family, Queen Elizabeth proves her stamina as a Taurus! Honor this legacy!

Queen Elizabeth Zodiac Birth Chart
The leader was born on April 21st.

Machine gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is hitting pop culture like a tidal wave and isn’t afraid to show his fashion side or talk about his penis. Iconic!

Machine Gun Kelly Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
The star was born on April 22nd.
Getty Images

Gigi Hadid

Taurus are known for their beauty as they are ruled by Venus. Model Gigi Hadid owns her style and grace. Plant!

Gigi Hadid birth chart zodiac sign
She was born on April 23rd.
Corbis via Getty Images

John Cena

Built like a bull, John Cena shows his Taurus strength and endurance in the ring and on the silver screen! Keep the puffy game!

John Cena birth chart zodiac sign
He was born on April 23rd.
Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson

One of America’s most popular stars, Kelly Clarkson knows how it’s done brings the laughter and the emotions on TV. Shine on, Queen.

Kelly Clarkson Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
She was born on April 24th.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Channing Tatum

Bull Stud Channing Tatum brings the sex and the charm to everything he does. own it, divo!

Channing Tatum Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
He was born on April 26th.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Image


Wild and fabulous, Lizzo shows her Taurus confidence on stage and in her lyrics. Shake it dear!

Lizzo Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
She was born on April 27th.
CBS via Getty Images

Michelle Pfeiffer

Legendary actress and everyone’s favorite CatwomanMichelle Pfeiffer exudes the irresistible calm and power of a bull. meow!

Michelle Pfeiffer birth chart zodiac sign
She was born on April 29th.
Mondadori portfolio via Getty Im


Wonder Woman in real life and on screen, Gal Gadot effortlessly capitalizes on her captivating allure. Strut!

Gal Gadot Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
She was born on April 30th.

Travis Scott

diligent and determined Travis Scott was born on April 30th. Further!

Travis Scott Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
Travis Scott is Kylie Jenner’s partner and father of two of their children.
Getty Images

David Beckham

Taurus are known for their physical strength, sensuality and sex appeal. David Beckham knows how to work the field or the red carpet.

David Beckham birth chart zodiac sign
He was born on May 2nd.
Mike Marsland/WireImage


Global Singer, Adele’s Stars shine bright on them now and in the years to come. Your birth chart and zodiac sign reveal so much of what lies ahead!

Adele Zodiac Birth Chart
She was born on May 5th.
red ferns

Henry Cavill

Known for his confident presence and dashing looks, Henry Cavill puts everything he’s got into a roll. What an eye catcher.

Henry Cavill Birth Chart Zodiac
He was born on May 5th.
Getty Images for Netflix

George Clooney

The living legend George Clooney knows its worth. Stay yourself!

George Clooney Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
He was born on May 6th.

Enrique Iglesias

Always known for his sultry appeal and global appealEnrique Iglesias was born on May 8th. Bring the fire!

Enrique Iglesias birth chart zodiac sign
The international star has immense talent.

Rosario Dawson

Taurus is known to be one of the most musically gifted zodiac signs. Rosario Dawson tapped into the lyrical muse. Be still, my heart!

Rosario Dawson Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
She was born on May 9th.

Rami Malek

Rami Malek brings his very own unique flair to every role he owns. Iconic!

Rami Malek Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
He was born on May 12th.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson shows his ability to transform for his roles, especially his most recent: the Batman!

Robert Pattinson birth chart zodiac sign
He was born on May 13th.

Mark Zuckerberg

One of the busiest zodiac signs, Taurus knows how to build an empire. Mark Zuckerberg aims for it the metaverse!

Birth chart zodiac sign Mark Zuckerberg
He was born on May 14th.
dpa/Picture Alliance via Getty I

George Luke

Visionary world builder George Lucas has one of the most successful franchise of all time. What a revolutionary!

George Lucas birth chart zodiac sign
He was born on May 14th.

Janet Jackson

Taurus are an earth sign, which is why they like to be as grounded as possible. Janet Jackson faces the facts and delivers the truth. pop legend!

Janet Jackson Birth Chart Zodiac Sign
She was born on May 16th.
PA Images via Getty Images

Megan Fox

When it comes to love, Taurus are all or nothing and can be quite possessive. When it comes to everyone she’s dating, Megan Fox makes that clear she owns them. Hot/violent/mostly just hot!

Megan Fox birth chart zodiac sign
She was born on May 16th.
AFP via Getty Images

Tina Fey

Comedian and woman of many talents is Tina Fey always happy to chat. Keep the laughs, Queen!

Tina Fey birth chart zodiac sign
She was born on May 18th.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


Beauty is important to every Taurus. For Sam Smith he shows this authentically. own it!

Sam Smith birth chart zodiac sign
He was born on May 19th.


Taurus as the earth sign love money and get along great with it. Cher has made it clear that she’s always been the rich man in charge. Goals!

Cher zodiac birth chart
She was born on May 20th.
Getty Images

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