17 easy ways to earn extra this year from watching TV to waiting in line

MONEY can be tight – but following these simple tips can help you make more money.

From renting a driveway to selling used clothes, there are dozens of simple ways to make money.

You'll be surprised how easy it is to earn pocket money from the comfort of your own home


You’ll be surprised how easy it is to earn pocket money from the comfort of your own homeCredit: Getty

Market research firms are always on the lookout for new product testers, while many banks offer cash incentives to convert your account.

And better yet, HMRC now lets you earn £1,000 tax free through transaction allowance.

However, there are a lot of things to be wary of when it comes to a one-time cash payment or a hustle party purchase.

Always pay careful attention to companies that offer you “quick fix” money – and get-rich-quick schemes are always just that.

Cheap loans are also something to be wary of, especially if you already have a poor credit rating.

Often the most needy will not receive the advertised interest rates – and may face other costly warnings such as shorter repayment terms.

Here are some of the easiest, legit methods to make more money this year.

1. Earn £20 an hour by queuing

Yes really.

You can earn £20 an hour – and up to £160 a day – line up on behalf of wealthy customers with more money than spare time.

Professional queuer Freddie Beckitt told us last week: “It doesn’t require any skill or even hard work!

“But it gives me a lot of flexibility to make money and fit into my writing schedule.”

Freddie used the TaskRabbit app, where you could list your skills and ask potential clients to contact you instantly.

But the service also takes a 15% “commission fee” of the total price of the job, so charge a little more than what you’d expect to keep.

2. Watch TV earn up to £70 a session

Again, it seems too good to be true.

However, market research firm TheViewers actually hires TV watchers to research the panel, where you can get paid £40 to £70 a session – just to talk about what you’ve seen.

While the company has remained tight-lipped about the types of programs shown to researchers, the discussions could take place in person at the company’s headquarters or remotely.

Think Goggleboxexcept it pays.

3. Cashback on purchases – earn £100 a year

You can get PAID to shop. Out-of-pocket payments of up to £50 on purchases just by clicking through pre-cash back sites.

But remember, if you’re not going to buy something, a refund is not a savings.

Topcashback and Quidco are two of the most popular sites that offer this feature – with the former paying £160 for new Sky customers if you sign up through its website.

Since you often have to make purchases to earn your money back, it’s not exactly an alternative income – but you can certainly save hundreds a year if done right.

4. Switch bank accounts – earn £100 a year

From Halifax to HSBC to Santander, many of the big banks on the street now offer over £100 just to open a checking account and transfer money.

One the serial converter we talked to pocketed £400 of this money in just one year.

Right away, First live is offering a sweet £130. Be careful with the products and always read the terms and conditions.

5. Become an art model – earn £10 an hour

Luckily, you don’t have to look like Venus de Milo or Michelangelo’s Statue of David to get the modeling job in life.

You just need a lot of patience.

Art schools and universities are always looking for people of all shapes and sizes to draw, paint, and sculpt.

Models are usually paid around £10 an hour, according to Subscribe to the Artist Model.

And if you love something a little more boating, there are model life nights where art gets a little more daring.

6. Sell your old appliances – earn £100

You’d be surprised how much an old desktop PC, fax machine and BlackBerry can pocket for you.

Our pre-Christmas roundup found some old utilities can be up to a whopping 679 pounds.

So open that old drawer, brush off that old smartphone, and start checking out sites like eBay, Sell My Mobile, and Mazuma.

7. Share your opinion online

Research agencies like AttaPoll, Qmee, Prolific and Streetbees will pay good money for a completed survey – sometimes up to £5 for just a few clicks.

YouGov and pay £6 for longer Q&As.

By our estimates, completing one survey per week could pocket up to £300 a year.

And if you’re willing to accept Amazon coupons instead of cashit can be more.

8. Rent out your driveway – earn £100 a year

With some family parking spaces now worth thousands a year, more UK families have started rent their own driveway and pocket cash.

During the summer months, parking spots in St Ives sell for £350 a month, other spots around Cornwall retail for more than £100.

And commuting towns such as Southend and Reading have seen driveway rents skyrocket in recent years.

Just visit a site like for more information on what your worth could be.

9. Become a secret shopper – £100 per year

Mystery shoppers make a surprising amount of money, earn up to £1,500 a year for their troubles.

And sometimes they get to keep the items or get a free gift.

All you need is to walk into a store and complete a serious inspection, including cleanliness, customer service, accessibility and more.

Sign up with sites like Market Force or Mystery Shoppers to see what’s available.

10. Stick a billboard on your car – £100 a month

Another crazy sounding idea, but you can make real money by advertising on your engine.

Car Quids offers up to £100 a month depending on how much you drive, where you live and more.

According to the company, most cars that pass its careful selection criteria are 2009 or newer, so your rusty lemon in the garage probably won’t turn out to be very profitable.

Car Quids also does not accept motorcycles or convertibles.

There’s no minimum mileage requirement or a specific place you have to go – just be honest about your usual commute and you’re good to go.

Car Quids advises potential drivers to check with their insurer first, as each insurer has “different policies and requirements,” they said.

And you have the right to refuse any advertisement if you are not satisfied with its content, message or taste.

11. Recycle old clothes

Cash for clothes collectors will usually pay 50p or 1 pound per kilogram of second-hand clothing, depending on where you live.

And since 2013, H&M has pay for shopper’s old clothes through its Garment Collection Program.

The chain used to give away a £5 voucher, but now the voucher appears to be a 15% off code for in-store use.

There’s no limit to how many bags you can gift or what needs to be in them, so you can stock up on coupons for a few purchases.

Regardless of the brand or condition of your item, H&M will pay for it, so open up your old closet and start planning a few trips.

12. Sell your childhood toys

Bags of Lego bricks of all kinds are worth more than you think.

Non-sentimental owner of Incomplete Lego set and brick box made a decent amount of money selling toys to sites like Music Magpie and Zapper.

And eBay is always worth checking out – this 250g brick bags of all kinds just sold for almost a tenner.

In fact, Lego is probably a better investment than gold.

More, old Monopoly set can go up to £800 – and you can cut down on family arguments.

13. Recycle Empty Printer Cartridges

Another item that can hardly hold its value, used printer cartridges are often bought back by stores to make new cartridges.

That saves the cost of new plastic – regardless of the environmental benefits.

Cash for Cartridges and Infotone will give you a great deal, or you can trade them at the Recycling Plant up to 125 Tesco Clubcard points.

14. Check out products worth the money

Companies like Paid Product Trials will give you cash to try and evaluate new items from companies like Nescafe and Amazon.

Testers are typically given a £10 Amazon voucher or PayPal transfer for each product they send.

You can also pocket a little extra money just by filling out Paid Product Test research surveys from the comfort of your own home.

15. Try food for money

Supermarkets and major food companies pay the public up to £50 to try new items before they hit the shelves.

Or you can have free food delivered to your home to try, saving on shopping costs.

Find out exactly How can i join it in our latest guide to this.

16. Take a photo of the derelict house

Find a derelict home and you could make yourself a quick buck.

All you need to do is enter the address and upload a picture of the abandoned house to the YouSpotProperty website.

If you’re the first to find it, you’ll win a £20 voucher.

But there is a catch – only derelict houses in London and the boroughs of houses are paid, as their prices are much higher than elsewhere.

So if you live in the southeast, grab it.

17. Listen to Music – £15 a month

One of the more fun ways to pocket cash, SlicethePie will pay you 10p for every song you listen to and rate.

It sounds like very little, but over five hours of listening, that’s a £15 payout.

Other ideas for making money from home include take a picture of your receipt, refer friends through the app and make it small, affordable investments.

Also, keep them all up to date money saving tips.

I’m sick of having useless things in my house so I decided to reveal – here are three things to ditch now to save space AND money 17 easy ways to earn extra this year from watching TV to waiting in line


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