$10 trillion Nasa’s Psyche is NOT the only super-rich asteroid – here are 4 more

NASA is preparing to probe a giant asteroid that could be worth $10 trillion.

The asteroid Psyche technically contains enough precious metal to make everyone on Earth a billionaire, but it’s not the only valuable space rock out there.

Nasa wants to do her mission with Psyche this year


Nasa wants to do her mission with Psyche this yearCredit: Getty

Here are the 4 most valuable known asteroids that could make some people super rich.


Some proposal report an asteroid called Nereus worth about $5 billion (£3.7 billion) in precious metals.

It may be one of the most cost-effective asteroids to utilize mineral resources.

This asteroid is believed to contain billions of nickel, iron and cobalt.

Nereus traveled at 14,719 mph (23,688 km/h).

While this sounds pretty fast, in reality this asteroid is a “slow” space rock compared to many other asteroids.

Nereus makes a close approach to Earth and is thought to have a width of about 1,083 feet.


Davida is one of the largest asteroids known to mankind and it is arguably the most valuable.

The 202-mile-wide rock is thought to contain a rich number of bits.

These include nickel, iron, cobalt, nitrogen, hydrogen, and ammonia.

Based on Asterank, it could be worth more than $100 million (£74 million).


There is an asteroid called Chicago that is also said to be worth more than $100 million (£74 million).

It can be up to 124 miles wide and is believed to contain a wide range of important metals.

This includes plenty of cobalt and iron.


This asteroid is worth an estimated $82.76 billion.

Ryugu is often considered the most cost-effective space rock to mine, and it comes close enough to Earth for this to be possible.

It is said to contain nickel, iron, cobalt, water, nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia.

Japan’s Hayabusa2 mission brought a small asteroid sample back to Earth in 2020.

It contains elements similar to those found in the Sun.

How can asteroids be mined?

No one is 100% sure what the first asteroid’s mine will look like, but there are lots of designs and speculations floating around.

Based on How content works, manned rockets can be sent to asteroids of interest along with a variety of robotic machines to keep humans to a minimum.

Asteroid mining can be similar to the mining process on Earth, only with much lighter weight equipment.

It may involve removing the asteroid and creating a canopy around it to prevent desired cargo from flying into space.

Regardless of what the process looks like, it will have to involve some anchors.

Asteroids have almost no gravity so space miners and their equipment will have to be careful not to drift away.

Whatever material is collected can then be loaded onto a rocket and taken to a base on the Moon or Earth.

This is an artist's impression of asteroid mining


This is an artist’s impression of asteroid miningCredit: Getty

In other news, Nasa has upgraded Asteroid dangerous software with some key changes that will help it better detect potentially dangerous space rocks.

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And, we looked into the strange world of ‘buoy jacket porn’ account.

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